Saturday, December 31, 2011

Barbara Kay on institutionalized feminism and misandry (youtube)

Barbara kay on institutionalized feminism and misandry.

The Failure of Feminism by theamazingathiest (youtube)

This is one of the few gay guys that I actually can agree with and seems to know what he's talking about.

Eradicate Sex Work? (Youtube)

A good video by themessianicmanic on youtube.

'Our bodies, our choice, the government shouldn't tell women what they can or cannot do with their bodies' is what you'll hear from most Feminazis.  However, that utterly cheery slogan is never uttered when it comes to sex work and many other topics affecting women (or men...remember that they are supposed to want equality for women and

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A good video about Ayn Rand Morons and Neo right wingers (America)

Mr1001nights makes another great video.  Very almost makes me wish I was American....almost.

I think it would be impossible to be an American and support either of their ridiculous parties.  I think being an independent would be the way to go.

Bank of America to pay $335 Million in settlement with US over Bias case

When looking from the outside of the US, it is still the place to look to for hope and promise of many people of the world.  However, after reading this article I doubt that it's as much an open society as it claims to be.

BofA in record settlement with US over bias case

$335 million settles charges that its Countrywide unit discriminated against minority homebuyers

Bank of America Corp's Countrywide Financial unit agreed on Wednesday to pay a record $335 million to settle civil charges that it discriminated against minority homebuyers, a historic settlement for the Obama administration in the wake of the subprime mortgage morass.
As the financial crisis was building in 2008, Bank of America bought Countrywide, which specialized in so-called subprime mortgages, focusing on loans to those with lower credit ratings and charging them higher interest rates.
The settlement covers conduct between 2004 and 2008 before the acquisition by Bank of America, and involves a range of alleged wrongdoing including charging African-Americans and Hispanics higher interest rates and fees and steering some to more expensive subprime mortgages.

"In today’s settlement with Countrywide Financial Corporation, we resolved the government’s allegations that Countrywide and its subsidiaries – which are now owned by Bank of America – engaged in discriminatory mortgage lending practices against more than 200,000 qualified African-American and Hispanic borrowers from 2004 through 2008," U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement.
Holder said that the investigation found a widespread pattern of discrimination in more than 180 geographic markets across 41 states and the District of Columbia.
"These allegations represent alarming conduct – by one of the largest mortgage lenders in this country, during the height of the housing market boom," he added.
The money will be used to compensate victims of Countrywide's discriminatory mortgage loans from 2004 through 2007.

Reuters and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Male on Male Sexual Harassment on the Rise

To those that support the inclusion of 'open homosexuality' because it somehow benefits society:

(United States)

Posted on March 8, 2010

John Pilkington’s boss wouldn’t take no for an answer.
During more than two years as a food runner at an upscale steakhouse in Scottsdale, Arizona, Pilkington says his male supervisor groped, fondled and otherwise sexually harassed him more than a dozen times.

“It was very embarrassing,” Pilkington said. “I felt like I had to do something because the situation was just so bad.”
Now Pilkington, a married father of two, is the star witness in a U.S. federal lawsuit against Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar and one of a growing number of American men claiming they are victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.
From 1990 to 2009, the percentage of sexual harassment claims filed by men has doubled from 8 percent to 16 percent, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Lawyers at the commission say they’ve noticed the increase in complaints by men — more than 2,000 were filed in 2009 out of about 12,700 cases.
“It’s certainly possible that there’s more sexual harassment of men going on, but it could just be that more men are coming forward and complaining about it,” said Ernest Haffner, an attorney in the commission’s Office of Legal Counsel.
While some cases allege harassment by female supervisors or co-workers, most charges involve men harassing other men. Sometimes it’s unwelcome romantic advances. Other times, men are picked on because they are gay, perceived as being gay or not considered masculine enough for the work setting.
In the past, some employers might have shrugged off such antics as “boys will be boys” horseplay or fraternity-type behavior. But the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been filing more lawsuits involving male victims, saying it wants to send a message that such behavior is unacceptable and unlawful.
In November, for example, the Cheesecake Factory restaurant chain agreed to pay $345,000 to six male employees who claimed they were repeatedly sexually assaulted by a group of male kitchen staffers at a Phoenix-area restaurant.
The commission said the abusers would drag some victims kicking and screaming into a walk-in refrigerator, touching and grinding against the victims’ genitals and take turns simulating rape. The company denied the allegations but agreed to make a financial settlement and educate its employees and managers about sexual harassment.
Susan Strauss, a consultant who advises companies about how to avoid sexual harassment in the workplace, said she’s seeing more cases in which men are subject to a sexualized form of hazing.
“If you don’t fit the masculine stereotype or are viewed as effeminate, you get picked on in a sexual way to demean you,” Strauss said.
Cases involving women making unwanted advances toward men may also be rising as women make up a growing part of the work force. Last year, the Regal Entertainment Group, which operates a national chain of movie theaters, agreed to pay $175,000 to settle a lawsuit by a male employee who claimed a female co-worker repeatedly grabbed his crotch at work.
When the employee complained to his supervisor and the theater’s then-general manager, he claims, she failed to stop the harassment and instead retaliated with unfair discipline and lower performance evaluations.
The number of cases filed by men has grown steadily since a landmark Supreme Court ruling in 1998 held that same-sex harassment is a valid claim under federal anti-discrimination laws. That ruling involved an offshore oil rig worker who said he was subject to humiliating sex-related treatment by other workers, including being sodomized in the shower with a bar of soap.
In Pilkington’s case, he claims the restaurant’s chef would grope and pinch his genitals or grab his backside when Pilkington walked to the kitchen or stock room. Despite his complaints to the restaurant’s operating partner, he says the conduct didn’t stop.
After one incident, Pilkington lost his composure and yelled at the chef. Days later, he was fired — an action he claims was retaliation for his complaints. An Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit on behalf of Pilkington and three other current and former employees is pending.
“I think maybe it’s just harder for males to come out and file a complaint because of how embarrassing it is,” Pilkington said. “When I talk about it I get this nauseous feeling in my stomach.”
The restaurant has denied the charges. In a statement, the company that owns Fleming’s said the restaurant “has always been committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace free of harassment for all of its associates.”
Many victims are hesitant to come forward because they are afraid of being considered unmanly or being derided by co-workers, said Mary Jo O’Neill, a regional attorney in the EEOC’s Phoenix District office.
“All sexual harassment victims feel humiliated, lacking control and power,” O’Neill said. “This has a different twist because everyone expects that they would be able to handle it and take care of it themselves.” '

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Flight from marriage and foreign brides

A most interesting but equally ridiculous article I found.

'In this Lecture, the flight from marriage amongst the younger generation of Singaporeans was highlighted. The issue of education homogomy indeed plays an important part in this problem as more educated women in Singapore have found it harder to find a husband of equal or higher educational and social status as them. Extracted from the Get Real Series, men deemed Singaporean women as harder to love because they may come across as “arrogant”, especially for those who pursued a higher education. In my opinion, the fact that women may not necessarily want a man who is less accomplished as her does not equate to arrogance. In fact it may just be a reflection of the growing emancipation of women’s rights, and the fact that more women have come to realize that they are able, and have an equal right to that of men, to attain what they truly want. Men may see this emerging trait amongst women as a sign of increasing materialistic values and demands, as they have not changed their mindset, from that of a patriarchal school of thought to one which holds an egalitarian point of view of society. Furthermore in terms of educational homogamy, Nock mentions in his article on mate selection that, “those who have completed comparable amounts of schooling exhibit similar values, attitudes and lifestyles”. (Nock, 1992) With that concept in mind, it might be hard for a man of lower educational status to “connect” with a woman who is more successful.

This lack of a change in their way of thinking has thus lead to an increase amongst many poorly educated Singaporean men to turn to a foreign bride resulting in “transnational patriarchy”. They are choosing to marry “foreign mail order brides” as they are deemed to be more conservative and would fulfill the ideal role of a spouse as seen by men ( Jones and Gubhaju, 2009). It could be said that men’s symbolic identity is threatened as they may no longer hold the breadwinner status when involved in a dual-income relationship. Hence, by resorting to marrying these “foreign mail-order brides” it may be an affirmation of their masculinity. Thus for men who have set their ideals based on traditional gender roles,such as that the wife should be only concerned with the household and taking care of their children, they will indeed be lacking in choice of spouses in the domestic marriage market.

In a recent article in The Straits Times, entitled “Bride and Gloom”, the struggles faced by these foreign brides in Singapore were emphasized, as seen in this statement; “These men take their wives as 'maids-***-sex partners-***-caregivers for their elderly parents”. Singaporean men who marry foreign brides, a large number of whom do not have a steady income and sometimes are unable to support themselves, often do so, so as to gain companionship and also to exploit them. It was also highlighted that as many of these brides are on a long-term visit pass, they fear being deported back and being separated from their children, should their husbands cancel their passes. In the lecture, we were asked to question whether Singapore is in fact a matriarchal society, due to the large number of laws that support women’s rights and creates a “protected class”. However, I do not feel that we are. Though Singaporean women are protected by the women’s Charter etc., in the case of foreign brides we see a clear disjuncture in that, they are not protected at all. Their rights seem to be considered to be negligible compared to that of their husbands. If Singapore was truly a matriarchal society, a safety net would be set in place to prevent such brides from being exploited by local Singaporean men. Hence, I feel that more can be done by the state to help protect these women, who are not ‘’gold-diggers” but rather come to Singapore in hopes of a better life so as to create not a matriarchal, but rather egalitarian society where both the concerns of men and women are considered.'

Now since this person has established the extent of their insanity, I wonder if they'll get arrested.

Friday, December 2, 2011

The War against boys (Youtube)

Christina Hoff Sommers discusses a topic that I think is one of the central problems in our modern society.  She's a feminist but she's one that I don't mind listening to when it comes to this subject.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Men and Feminism (Youtube)

And these folks wonder why men are unable to relate to these people..... (warning: this video can be painfully feminized and even more painfully ridiculous.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Censorship in Feminist Media online (Youtube)

Another woman that is able to see through feminist propaganda.

Feminism mandated by the American government and United Nations Treaties (Westernized countries must obey)

If anyone ever had any doubts, this is the main source of legislation that has neutered the modern societies of the world at large.

Of course the other 'rights' groups involved won't acknowlege this but the leaders of their groups have used their clout to help legislation like this to get passed and wreck havoc on the general population (ie. the heterosexual majority of the world) to push their depopulation agenda which is counterintuitive to their actual goals since less humans == much less of their own population.

I've known for quite some time that theses other groups were being used to push this agenda but I'm glad that the internet is now allowing me to dig this wonderful information from the catacombs of history.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Richard Dawkins exposes the female privilege of ignoring the fear men have to live with

This is a very good video!  I agree with mr1001nights' video for everything except for remarks about what people in America call 'game.'

A wonderful little insightful webpage I found...

While surfing the web today, I happened upon this wonderful webpage:

What I really found funny was the 'definition' of misandry at the bottom of the webpage:

mi•sand•ry n. A love for honest speech; accordance with reality: “Besides preaching misandry, the basic premise of women’s lib is that women are more discriminated against than men. That is the biggest hoax in the Western world” (Richard F. Doyle of the Christian Party). [A parallel construction of English misogyny, by American antifeminists in the late 20th century.] '

I think I'll post my new definition of insanity.

In*san*ity n. 1) A feminist that dismisses violence perpetrated by women to all other human beings, whether it is sexual, physical, phsycological, or verbal while claiming to be a feminist. 2) Feminists that believe and condone LGBT separatist Lesbian Feminism is a rational, alternative lifestyle.  3) Feminists that believe children are just a 'byproduct' or just has 'a special relationship with' heterosexual couples.  4) Anyone that believes that gender is just a social construct.  5) Anyone that believes that men and women are the same.  6) Anyone that agrees with these types of Feminists.

There are so many pieces of the body of that horrid post I could tear to shreds but today I'd rather finish my work and go home to enjoy my hobbies.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Killing of Oxnard boy due to Neo-Nazi gay panic? No. It was in response to being sexually harassed.

Gotta love the mainstream media!  This ridiculous article is pure propaganda.

by Kelvin Lynch, July 22, 2009

Lawrence King, the Oxnard boy slain last year at the age of 15 while at school, was portrayed as a "gay bully" by defense attorneys for his classmate and killer, Brandon McInerney.
In a pre-trial hearing, McInerney's lawyers said King would lash out verbally and chase boys who picked on him for wearing makeup, nail polish and high heels, according to the LA times.
Prosecutor Maeve Fox asked, "Is the defense 'gay panic'? This is just a fishing expedition to paint Larry King as someone who needed killing."
Fox presented an expert witness who testified that McInerney was acquainted with local neo-Nazis and kept a notebook with elaborate drawings of Nazi symbols and regalia.
Dan Swanson, a Simi Valley police detective and specialist in neo-Nazi gangs, said the evidence strongly indicated McInerney had been indoctrinated to some level.
Indeed, a search of McIneney's bedroom and backpack yielded the notebook, seven of Hitler's speeches translated into English and a book about SS troopers who had been former members of the Hitler Youth. Swanson said the collection reflected an interest in the Nazis that was far more profound than a World War II book report McInerney had been assigned.
Swanson discounted earlier testimony that McInerney had black and Latino friends at school, saying it was a commong tactic of white supremacists, who are accustomed to hiding their true beliefs. Swanson said the teenager's family was friendly with a white supremacist in the Oxnard area. The man told Swanson that he and his girlfriend allowed McInerney to sleep in their apartment a night or two before the shooting.
Teachers and students said King and McInerney had traded taunts and gotten into a shoving match in the weeks leading up to the murder. McInerney's attorneys said King harrassed their client by publicly declaring his love for him, and other boys complained that he would blow them kisses. A substitute teacher told investigators that King put his hands down his pants and wiped them off on her and other students, although her account was disputed by prosecutors.
"He was harassing other students," said Scott Wippert, an attorney for McInerney. "There was a climate of harassment at school that surrounded not only Larry but also Brandon."
King's murder shocked the country in February 2008. McInerney walked into a computer classroom and shot King in cold blood. McInerney was charged as an adult with premeditated murder, with enhancements of discharge of a firearm and a hate crime. He faces a sentence of 50 years to life in prison if convicted.
Both boys came from broken homes. At the time of the shooting, King was living in a group home after being removed from his foster parents' custody, following King's allegations that his father was physically abusing him. King's biological father abandoned him and his drug-addicted mother. McInerney's parents have a long history of domestic violence, apparently related to his mother's addiction to methamphetamine.

The gay community knows that this is the typical reaction of straight boys when encountering homosexuals and I think they are going to realize the hard way why most straight men the world over respond this way to those types of advances.  No amount of media propaganda is going to change the natural defense mechanisms of the human species.  Social Engineering experiments just create more problems for society.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Feminism and the Disposable Male

Female Pedophilia/Pederasty is shown in a 'romantic' setting

Female pedophilia/pederasty being viewed as 'romantic'.  Completely ridiculous.

Boy forced to pay child support to his Female pedo-rapist

Here is the link to the story:

by Mary Beth Lane, The Columbus Dispatch, Saturday August 16, 2008 7:50 AM

Here is what is in the story.

LANCASTER, Ohio --- A Pickerington couple and their son are fighting for custody of a baby born to a Lancaster woman charged with having unlawful sex with the boy, who was 15 at the time of conception.
A paternity test shows that the teen is the father of the baby born April 7 to Jane C. Crane, who was 19 when she became pregnant. Now, a judge has ordered him to pay $50 a month in child support and set visitation at seven hours a week.
Crane, meanwhile, faces criminal charges. A Fairfield County grand jury indicted her last month on two counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, a fourth-degree felony. Conviction carries a maximum sentence of 18 months in prison and a requirement to register as a sex offender for 25 years.
Crane is living with the baby and her family in Lancaster.
The boy's parents say they can provide a better upbringing for the baby than Crane can. Her household includes her stepfather, David L. Jacobs, who was convicted of domestic violence last year for hitting, choking and pointing a gun at Crane's 17-year-old sister and was placed on two years' probation, court records show.
"We don't want to have our granddaughter abused by these people," the boy's father said. "We are trying to do the right thing.
"The child support was the icing on the cake. I couldn't believe that our son has to pay child support to his abuser."
The Dispatch does not identify victims of sexual abuse.
Crane is scheduled for a pretrial conference before Common Pleas Judge Richard E. Berens on Aug. 21. A hearing and a status conference in the custody dispute are scheduled for next month before Domestic Relations Judge Kathy S. Mowry.
Crane, now 21, is not a suitable custodial parent in part because she may have committed a felony by having sexual intercourse with a minor younger than 16, the boy's parents argue in court papers seeking custody.
Crane declined to comment. She is free on a $5,000 recognizance bond pending trial. Her attorney, Sandra Davis, did not return calls. Lawyer Jennifer Strunk, the court-appointed guardian ad litem representing the baby's interests, said through a spokesman that she could not comment.
That a 19-year-old woman had sex with a 15-year-old boy might seem like no big deal to some, but it is a serious charge, said Assistant Prosecutor Julia Dillon.
It makes no difference that it is an adult female charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor boy rather than the more common instance of an adult male charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor girl.
"It is an age and maturity issue, not a gender issue," Dillon said. "He's a young boy coming into his own, being taken advantage of by an adult."
There could yet be a plea agreement. "I have made what I consider to be a reasonable offer, but I have not received a response," she said.
The incident has had lasting affects on the boy, now 16, his mother said.
"He has nightmares, he is stressed out," she said. "He is a father, even though it was a crime for him to be a father. His life is changed forever."
Crane got to know the family while she worked at a local movie theater with the boy's older sister. When Crane said that her stepfather was abusive, his family allowed her to move in with them.
The boy's sister later bought her own home and Crane moved in with her. It was there last summer that Crane had sex with their son at least twice, his parents said.  '

If this isn't sexism, then I don't know what is.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - Chris Hedges & Cornell West

This video will help illuminate the corruption from the neo liberals and neo conservatives in the United States.  Unfortunately the rest of the world is tied to their economy.

 If you live in the USA it would probably be best to be a registered Independent voter and vote out all encumbants in order to get the laws working as they should again.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Thio Li Ann on 377a in Singaporean Parliament

Stand up for what you believe is right Thio Li Ann!  We all know where society goes from this point on if the repeal of 377a happens!

If you notice....part 2 is missing.  At the end of part 1 Thio Li Ann began talking about pedophelia and pederasty that some homo groups are trying to push legally.  I'm sure it was removed due to 'violating guidelines' of some sort.

Part 3 is very honest and should be shown the world over.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Erin Pizzey on Feminism

Erin Pizzey shares her experiences with us what happened when she had to deal with Feminists.
I only hope that her unfortunate encounters didn't leave her too mentally scarred.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Avoiceformen's blogtalkradio's episode: White Knights and Other Criminals

Take a listen here:

What appears to be a somewhat genuine desire to be free of a misandric westernized culture is really a MRA utopian never, neverland hallucination.  I think this is exactly what Radical Lesbian Feminists attempted to create in their unrealistic utopia without men.

There were RadFem lesbians that attempted to create these homosexual, man-free feminist utopian communities the problem was most of them broke up for various reasons (not self-sustainable in most cases).

It doesn't work Mr. Elam.  The vast majority of human beings are very much heterosexual and very much want to mate with each other.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gay men sexually harass straight Firefighters that were forced to drive firetruck in a gay pride parade

Court Reaffirms: City Can't Force Firefighters to Attend Gay Pride Parade
By Kathleen Gilbert
SAN DIEGO, California, October 18, 2010 ( - A California appellate court has quickly upheld a jury decision last year that forbade San Diego from forcing firefighters to participate in a gay pride parade.
The case involved four San Diego firefighters who had been forced to drive a firetruck in the city's celebration of homosexuality, where the men were subjected to catcalls and obscene gestures, and surrounded by simulated sex acts and other explicit imagery.
In the days leading up to the event, the city had ignored the firefighter's numerous objections to taking part.
Captain John Ghiotto and firefighters Jason Hewitt, Alex Kane and Chad Allison won their complaint in February 2009, and were awarded a total of $34,000 as well as legal fees.
Although the city changed its policy after the firefighters filed suit against the city with the Superior Court for the County of San Diego in August 2007, the firefighters maintain that the city has stated it is allowed to revert to forced participation if volunteers are not available.
After the city appealed the ruling, the California Court of Appeal for the Fourth Appellate District, Division One, concluded Thursday “that the record contains substantial evidence to support a finding that the sexual harassment experienced by the Firefighters during the Pride Parade was severe and pervasive, thus altering the conditions of employment and creating a hostile or abusive work environment.”
Capt. Ghiotto said Friday that he was pleased with the ruling. “The amount of money the city has spent on this is amazing — I’ll bet it’s in the millions by now. This whole thing could have been solved in a day. They knew two or three days before that we didn’t want to be in that parade," he told media.
A spokeswoman for the San Diego attorney's office said the city is pondering whether to appeal yet again.
The decision came less than a week after hearing oral arguments. Attorneys affiliated with the Thomas More Law Center and the Alliance Defense Fund supported the firefighters in the case.
“Government employees should never be forced to participate in events or acts that violate their sincerely held beliefs. The jury saw this, and the court wisely upheld that ruling,” said Charles S. LiMandri, the West Coast regional director of the Thomas More Law Center. “The jury’s verdict recognized the firefighters’ right to opt out of activities that they consider morally offensive and that subject them to harassment.”
“We hope this ruling will end the city’s attempts to defend its act of compelling people to participate in sexually-charged events against their moral and personal convictions,” said ADF Senior Counsel Joseph Infranco, who is co-counsel in the case. “If not, we are prepared to continue to defend the firefighters all the way to the California Supreme Court.” '

Ofcourse, the hyppocrites never bring up these things since the media makes these topics invisible.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Why Heterosexual men need to constantly be aware of Gay men (and gay MRAs)

'Rapists target male drinkers

Caroline Marcus
January 13, 2008
HUNDREDS of straight men are being raped in the city and eastern suburbs every year, many after having their drinks spiked.
Health experts have warned that men can be just as much of a target for sexual predators as women, although most men were not aware of the threat that lurked every time they went to the pub.
The Eastern and Central Sexual Assault Service at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital recorded 44 male victims of sexual assault last year, although manager Lisa Simpson said the figure was just "the tip of the iceberg".
There have been 293 since 2001.
Up to 95 per cent of male victims did not report the crime to police.
"There is a huge denial about same-sex sexual assault," Ms Simpson said.
"Men are vulnerable to sexual assault just as women can be vulnerable to sexual assault. Rape is about people who want to dominate other human beings in a sexually aggressive way."
Drug-assisted sexual assaults were relatively common among presentations to the clinic, she said.
"A lot of men seem to have met their offenders at pubs or clubs or venues such as that, had a few drinks and then become aware afterwards that they had been sexually assaulted and their drinks had been spiked with drugs or alcohol," she said.
Men made up 16 per cent of the 273 sexual assault cases at the clinic last year - consistent with national proportions, the Institute of Criminology said.
In 2002, there were 4800 male victims of sexual assault older than 15 across the country, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said.
However, men were also far less likely than women to seek help or report an assault.
The NSW Rape Crisis Centre has also reported an increase in men contacting it.'


The Sydney Morning Herald

An old post but not any less important.

There are so many posts about homosexual sexual harassment, harassment and even violence but the mainstream media covers it up so the unaware public won't backlash against the many indisputably horrible crimes committed against us.  Ofcourse, people of all backgrounds commit crimes but when the crime is targeted from one group to another and no one says anything about then there is a problem.

Please look around for this information.  It is there and there is plenty of it to find.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Males Studies over at the the Good Man project...

This ridiculously unpleasant gay (men's?) rights group is utterly ridiculous.  It's almost as overwhelmingly lame, annoyingly feminized and homosexual as Paul Elam's group over at  Take a look below:

I think it's safe to say that as the birthrate continues to plummet, these wierdos hellbent on trying to get straight men to join their circle jerks will thankfully begin to disappear.  Mother nature does have a purpose for the sexually non-reproductive afterall.  Ofcourse, some would say that the previous statement is insulting.  Good for them.  Creating movements in order to garner support for another movement as a cover up is equally pathetic. 

In any case, I think I'll be the least of their worries when a lot of these men realize that they are being duped by the LGBT crowds (again).  As with the men's rights movements, the most prominent leaders were LGBT folk.  Radical Lesbians brainwashed the women that were foolish enough to believe their lies and now radical heterophobes are attempting the same under the cover of 'men's rights activism'.

A good way to counter this is simply to show one's son the deceptive practices being used by these people and how to research the truth along with teaching them how to use their own propaganda against them.

With many men realizing the truth about feminism, they will also begin to see that straight men must continue to be the strong, loving men towards equally loving women as they have always been.  It doesn't require being a part of any movement or group.  It doesn't require one to sacrifice what one believes is right.  It only requires one to be a positive male role model for one's children, a loving husband/father and to speak out against any perceived injustice.  The truth will bear itself, eventually.

Feminism isn't about envy of the male phallus?

I really thought feminism couldn't reach new lows but even many years later, here you have it.

The original video was from youtube but I found this from another website.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Manhattan man gets assaulted by 2 lesbians and gets charged for defending himself

How biased the mainstream media is. Here's the real story. A McDonald's employee questioned a $50 dollar bill he was given as a form of payment from an order by two lesbians at the counter. After questioning the validity of the currency, the two lesbians repeatedly slapped him, jumped over the counter and chased him towards to the back of the fast food restaurant in order to assault him further. As he raced to the back of the store, he grabbed a piece of metal pipe and began hitting the lesbians who were attempting to assault him. This looks like self defense to me but I'm sure that the special rights crowd would disagree. People still don't understand that every society (including Empires) has fallen with the advocacy of homosexuality in society and attempt to use the media as propaganda tools so the public is kept 'dumbed down.' They don't mention the sexual orientation of a person unless they are a 'victim' and they usually misrepresent the truth in general. The McDonalds employee is a 'felon' with a 'violent history'. Here's the truth: He was among a group of kids playing with a gun when it accidentally went off. The charge was 'Depraved indifference to human life', whatever the hell that is supposed to mean. In other words, the big, scary McDonalds employee (with a criminal background!) beat two lesbian women (possible hate crime?) in self defense....only it was not self defense but because he's big and scary and predatory because they assaulted him and he wasn't going to stand for it any longer. Do you understand now? Right. Carry on with your pitiful lives, mortals.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A RadFem, Lesbian Misandrist makes a video about 'real' feminism

This woman really has issues.  I'd pity her if she wasn't so idiotic but I just can't bring myself to it.

One look at her profile reveals that she's a lesbian, radical feminist and not only that but uses it to cover up her misandry.  Any rational thinking person knows that you don't have to insult others to champion a just cause.  I do understand frustration.  I do understand anger.  But what this person in this video is talking about is ridiculous.  Just because there are a few men in society like this does not mean that you blame the lot of them for it.  It is irrational and very extreme without good reason.  Are there bad men?  Ofcourse.  Are there bad women?  Yes, definitely.  Is this a reason to be extremist?  Not really.  Is some of what this person speaks about due to culture?  Yes.  Is some of it due to nurture?  My guess is in some cases, yes.  Does this mean that you use it to justify man bashing or man hating all men?  Not in the slightest.
This is pure, LGBT 'real' radfem propaganda.  What she is really upset about is the fact that she is biologically female and that men don't share in her female biology.  She explicitly states in her video that 'with age it gets worse, men keep going on with their careers..' Ofcourse!  Most men have wives and families to support or are in the process of obtaining a relationship that may eventually lead to that.  Therefore, he must have a decent career to support them.

What this lesbian RedFem really is supporting is the separation of the genders completely.  This will never happen, ofcourse, but if it did all human beings on Earth would perish.  Since the vast majority of our population reproduces by heterosexual intercourse, I'd proudly call this person's material feminazi propaganda.  Seig Heil!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mother arrested for encouraging her daughter to fight

The 'emotionally superior, intellectually progressed and more inclined to care for others' gender show their benevolence to the world.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mother charged with putting feces in daughter's feeding tube ....then released!

Just when I thought there wasn't a low that 'modern women' could reach due to the feminist brainwashing in Western culture, I am once again forced to reconsider.

This woman should hang by a noose in a public square for all to see and shame other incompetent parents from even think of doing something like this.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Geeky girls in sexist environments

This is a very informative video.

"Don't take this the wrong way" by TAA on youtube

In 'modern' times, this is an example of what can happen if a heterosexual male happens to ask a female to go get some coffee.  After watching many videos and attempting to find out what really happened in this situation, I still don't find any evidence of anything that Ms. Watson could find so insulting at all.  A simple 'no' would have most likely ended the encounter.  This is more criminalization of male heterosexuality in wonderful 'modern' westernized civilization. How free straight men appear to be.

The entire reason women can make claims like this is because of the general cultural climate due to laws and social acceptance of misandry (even if it appears to be minimal problem).

Monday, August 15, 2011

Family Court: the Source of the Corruption

This video is a must see.

Even in the USA the feminist legal system imposes its matriarchal power over the common, hardworking man.  This is not a race-specific nor class specific issue either.  In my own experience scouring for information about these instances it appears to have affected men of all races, class, country, ethnic background, etc.

"If You're Not a Feminist, Then You're a Bigot" Another useful idiot

This woman is completely off her rocker.

I can't imagine how this woman sleeps at night and not feel guilty.

A Feminist's Dream Date (Youtube)

One of the best anti-feminist videos I've seen on youtube.

Absolutely amazing!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Slander and Sexism Against Fathers Rights Activists (Canada)

Another example of legal sexism in the court system.  A simple reminder that things like slutwalk are just the very tip of the feminist iceberg.  This has got to stop.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A good example of socially accepted misandry in Western Cultures

Here is a very good youtube video about misandry in western societies.  This is absolutely ridiculous.

There isn't any reason why what this man went through should be laughed at or humiliated any further.  I think women in westernized societies need to take a good, long, hard look at themselves.  And not physically.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why I Love Being a Girl!

This guy is one of the best and most honest when it comes to manginas and the inherently narcissistic LGBT crowds.  If you haven't guessed, the title of his video is 'Why I Love Being a Girl!'

How the truth hurts liars.  What a wonderful thing!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Feminist Gail Dines tells lies and talks rubbish on TV

Gail Dines is truly a feminist that uses typical feminist talking points and never directly answers any questions.  She is a disgrace to women.  Take note that she tells another woman thats asked her a question, "You're here thanks to the feminist movement."  Complete rubbish.

I think there should be a riot on Gail Dines front door.  And all of them should be antifeminist, college educated, atheist, politically moderate, married women with signs that state "I love men and most men I know are nothing like what you describe in your emotionally charged rants."

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Draft Registration for Women?

What happened to men and women being legally equal and all that talk?  I guess all I can say at this point is that I'm not surprised.  I'm pretty sure that legal equality would probably require the same amount of responsibility/duty to country, I don't know......equally?  And feminists wonder why men don't take them seriously.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Good Mangina Project

Bernard Chapin has a really great youtube channel.  Even though I'm an Independent and think the Right is just as useless/idiotic as the Left most of the time, I still agree with most of what he says whenever he's not talking about politics.

Take a look from the '' website:

It's supposed to be about men and maculinity but it's flooded and filled with homosexual bullshit and mangina ideology.  They honestly expect men to buy into this crap?  Good luck with that.

These 'men' are nothing but male feminists (aka gay rights activists with an agenda) that want to improve relations with the 90%+ heterosexual world community like the LGBT gay-straight alliance douches.

It's like these people live in an alternate reality.  Men (the world majority of them being straight) bond by discussing common interests (ie., women, sports, video games, hobbies, etc.) in a manner that they feel comfortable with as heterosexuals which involves heteronormativity.  Most men cannot and don't want to waste time with homosexuals, transsexuals, bisexuals, lesbians, etc. since there will always be a conflict of interest in life and usually a conflict of morals.

This is ridiculous.  I have a gay Uncle and though he is a family member, I don't like spending time with him because he is truly a weirdo.  Myself and other people in our family can't relate to the guy and we are nice to him (not just 'tolerant') but there isn't any way we can be around the guy longer than a few hours at most.  We have different senses of humors, different ways we view things of interests (we see a 'cool' action hero, he sees a 'handsome man' kind of thing) and not to mention the guys like talking about women sensually and sexually but he likes to talk about men that way.  There is no way in hell straight men want anything to do with that. Period.

What's funny is that these people want to say that there is equality if they 'force' everyone to want to get involved with people that spread diseases like HIV, HPV, etc. but you're a 'homophobe' if you don't want to be around them even though some of the diseases being spread around are contagious and can be passed around by physical contact with them.  Go figure.

I can't wait until one of the 'straight' men in these 'groups' actually contracts one of these diseases/viruses and starts sueing.  Not only will stigma force these deginerates to leave people alone, it will cause a social backlash that is backed by health concerns as it should be in the first place.

Of course, not all LGBT-ers are deginerates.  I save that name for those in the LGBT crowd that feel they are so special that they can force everyone to care about their own movement at the expense of everyone elses social/political/medical/psychological/economic problems.

Putting MRAs on the Down-Low

This is one of his best posts on youtube yet.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dave Sim. On The Female Emotional Void

A nice video of KellyJones00 from youtube about the Female Emotional Void.

A wonderful point of view why most men are smart enough to not get into arguments with women.  You can't get into an emotional/opinionated argument and expect to find a solution based on fact and/or logic.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The APA (American Psychiatric Association) has been losing credibility for some time now

First, from: by Blackadder on Feb 17, 2008.

Via Kathy Shaidle, Sally Satel’s review of The Loss of Sadness: How Psychiatry Transformed Normal Sorrow Into Depressive Disorder contains an interesting tidbit about the APA’s decision to eliminate homosexuality from its official list of mental disorders:
In the early 1970s, annual meetings of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) were home to angry showdowns between the gay rights lobby and organized psychiatry. Activists picketed convention sites, shouted down speakers, and waged ad hominem attacks on psychiatrists who sincerely believed that homosexuality was a sickness. The goal of their flamboyant campaign against the APA — an impressive display of “guerrilla theater,” as one psychiatrist put it — was to force the association to take homosexuality out of its official handbook, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, second edition, popularly known as the DSM-II.
In December 1973, they won. A decisive majority of the APA board of trustees voted to remove homosexuality from the professional nomenclature.”Doctors Rule Homosexuals Not Abnormal,” read the headline in the next day’s Washington Post. It was a major victory both for gay people and for the enlightened wing of the psychiatric establishment. But rather than calm the critics of psychiatry, the APA’s acknowledgment that homosexuality was not a mental illness only inflamed them. They took this as further evidence that the profession was a sham, and asked in outrage how psychiatry could claim to be a legitimate, scientific branch of medicine if its members determined the very existence of an illness by vote.
More. The APA changes its position on homosexuality after protest and harassment and people lose faith in the authority of its pronouncements? Go figure. It’s worth noting, though, that the conduct members of the APA were subjected to by those gay activists is just an extreme example of the social pressures scientists, academics, and other professionals are subjected to generally to conform their conclusions to the opinions of their social group. A researcher whose work tends towards some politically unpalatable conclusions is not likely to have people picketing his house, but he is likely to face a subtle ostracism from his friends and colleagues.
Exactly how much this tends to skew their work in the face of such pressure cannot be known (any more than we can know what the results of the APA vote on homosexuality would have been without the “guerilla theater” of the gay activists). But it is certainly a bias that must be taken into account. '

Secondly, we have: (Dads Against the Divorce Industry) by Evan Gahr.

CONGRESS NOW HAS yet another reason to berate the American Psychological Association.
The APA this fall officially brushed off congressional criticism of its notorious "study" that called fathers worse than useless. That study came to light earlier this year, not long after a congressional furor broke out over an APA article that appeared to condone pedophilia.
Still, congressmen remain oblivious to how they can really make the APA squirm: Hit the District-based organization in the pocketbook. Last year, unbeknownst to its congressional critics, the APA received millions of dollars in federal subsidies, the American Spectator discloses. There's plenty more where that comes from; most of the grants are multiyear.
Why aren't congressmen a bit more attuned to how they spend taxpayer dollars? After all, it just took them several weeks after the Brooklyn Museum controversy broke to realize that the federal government underwrites the now notorious arts institution (which is locked in a battle with New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani over an exhibition that features a dung-splattered Virgin Mary portrait).
As for the APA, an ostensibly scientific organization that functions as a left-liberal advocacy group (witness their new alliance with the American Federation of Teachers), it's almost comical that congressmen unwittingly fund the very organization they condemn.
Some background: In July 1998, the APA's Psychological Bulletin published an article that seemed to condone pedophilia. "A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples" argued that the "negative potential" of sexual abuse has "been overstated." Child sex abuse, they contended, actually encompasses a wide range of behavior best described with "value neutral" terms.
You might think that would raise eyebrows among the "scientific community." But the article went practically unnoticed until "Dr. Laura" Schlessinger attacked it on her nationally syndicated radio show March 22. The press took note. And soon Congress was turning up the screws on the APA, or so it seemed.
On May 12, House Majority Whip Tom DeLay of Texas and three other GOP congressman held a press conference to denounce the APA. Rep. Matt Salmon, Arizona Republican, lamented that "we have a so-called credible psychological organization in this country that purports to say that maybe sex with children isn't bad."
Unbeknownst to the congressmen , this "so-called credible psychological association" has long been in bed with the federal government. The APA has long enjoyed a small but steady flow of federal dollars. And last year, the APA was awarded $4.78 million in federal grants, most of them multiyear. Nor is this anything new. The National Institutes of Health, for example, have funded the APA since at least the late 1980s.
Yes, the government grants represent a small fraction of the APA's $77.63 million annual budget And it's true that some of the grants, such as $848,000 last year to train minority scientists, sound innocuous. But money is fungible. Money earmarked for seemingly legitimate purposes frees up funds to support pro-pedophilia articles.
In any event, shouldn't all these government ties makes the APA awfully scared to antagonize Congress? Apparently not. In the face of criticism over the pedophilia article, the APA simply hid behind science. A spokeswoman said "I think the issue is not so much about pedophilia but whether science should be allowed to ask tough questions."
However, as congressional pressure mounted the APA finally backed down just a bit. CEO Ray Fowler told Mr. DeLay that there were inconsistencies in the APA study. He promised a full review and insisted the APA in no way condones child sex abuse.
Just when the pedophilia controversy was subsiding, a new one erupted. In June 1999, the American Psychologist, which all APA members receive, published "Deconstructing the Essential Father." The authors attacked "neo-conservatives" for their claim that fathers are crucial to a child's development. Psychologists Carl Auerbach and Louise Silverstein explained that sometimes life without father is best. After all, Dad may may squander the household money by gambling or buying alcohol or cigarettes.
It was deja vu all over again. Columnists screamed. Rep. Joseph Pitts, Pennsylvania Republican, and other congressmen complained to Mr. Fowler in an Aug. 6 letter.
If the APA was weary from all the criticism, it sure wasn't evident at their annual convention later that month. The controversies were largely ignored. And the convention, with a seemingly endless parade of left-wing speakers, could have been mistaken for a meeting of Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition.
In fact, Jesse Jackson was the keynote speaker. He brought the APA crowd to its feet as he railed against the "jail industrial complex," demanded "universal health care," denounced U.S. imperialism, trashed George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. (Another speaker attacked Clarence Thomas.)
On and on it went. Still, the convention's sensibility shouldn't have surprised anyone. The APA has long pushed an unabashedly left-liberal agenda. In addition to such standard liberal goodies as unrestricted abortion rights, gay rights and stringent "affirmative action" measures.
Moreover, key elements of the mental health profession have long manifested utter contempt for middle-class values. In the 1960s and 1970s, one shrink even made his name blaming schizophrenia on society. On the political front, they have declared Barry Goldwater psychologically unfit to be president. And this month, the APA's New York division joined the left-leaning teachers union. (Other state APA divisions may soon join the AFT.)
It's well to note that when the American Medical Association condemned partial-birth abortion in 1996 liberals yelped that politics had tainted medicine. But when the APA shills for the left - and even assorted perverts - it's a different story. Object and you're thwarting scientific progress.
Just look how the APA finally answered criticism of the organization's anti-fatherhood screed. In a Sept. 20 letter to Mr. Pitts, Mr. Fowler, the APA honcho, said APA articles are meant to engender scientific discussion. Actually, with their sniping at the neo-conservatives, the authors of the article sounded more like "Crossfire" panelists than dispassionate scientists. (Even the article's title's reference to "deconstructing" reeks of academia).
Mr. Fowler did not return a phone call for this article. And APA President Richard Suinn cut off questions about the APA as "inappropriate."
But if congressional Republicans ever get serious about their threat to "defund the left," the APA is a great place to start.  '

Third, we have  The 'Misdiagnosing Mental Illness' article is what I looked at, only after reading through many others.

Misdiagnosing Mental Illness

By Nicholas Regush.
Some So-Called "Psychiatric Diseases" May Not Have A Biological Basis, So Do Drugs Really Help?
[Commentary By Nicholas Regush.]
Psychiatry has become a heavily drug-company influenced edifice which often trumpets highly speculative biological science. There are signs many Americans are disturbed by the insidious evolution of psychiatry as a shill for pharmaceuticals and a tool for behavior control
Two class-action lawsuits filed last month allege the American Psychiatric Association and Ritalin's maker, Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp (formed through the merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz) encouraged over-diagnosis of behavioral disorders in children Congress also recently convened hearings about whether Ritalin is over-prescribed to children who are diagnosed as having Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
Is It Intrinsic or Culture? These are children who purportedly have disorder-related symptoms such as short attention span, impulsive behavior and restlessness. Some undoubtedly have these difficulties and need some help, but these days it would appear that when a child too often twitches in school, cracks a few jokes, or gazes off, bored stiff, he or she can be slapped with an ADHD label. This "diagnostic" enthusiasm has gone way off the deep end. Now, finally, there are serious calls to investigate.
Part of the problem lies in psychiatry's disorder classification system. I'm referring here to the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders, or DSM. It is at the core of modern-day psychiatric practice and influences how the entire field of mental health deals with patients and research.
Fidgeting Is a Sign of Illness
The latest DSM edition's description of ADHD is truly something to behold. In the inattention category, for example, one symptom is "Has difficulty sustaining attention." Another is: "Does not appear to listen."
One symptom in the hyperactive/impulsive category is: "Fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in chair." Another is: "Blurts out answers before questions have been completed."
If these types of symptoms occur frequently and appear to be severe, then the child has a good chance of being branded ADHD
The problem is, some of the symptoms listed could point to a wide variety of stimuli: Insufferably boring teachers. An out-of touch-with-reality academic curriculum. This is, after all, the Internet Age in which the flow of ideas and facts are fast and furious. And what about learning patterns at home that might play a role in how a child behaves at school?
To give so many children a drug such as Ritalin presupposes that specific biological problems underlie ADHD. And in psychiatry, this gets about as murky as you can possibly imagine.
The recent orgy of drug-giving to so-called ADHD children is no historical accident. It comes at a time when there is increasing pressure within psychiatry to focus more attention in the DSM on biological causes of disease.
Biology vs. Psychological Causes
Much of the history of psychiatry boils down to a duel between those who have attempted to relate mental disorders to specific brain functions (the biological approach) and those who have attempted to explain disorders in psychological terms (the mind approach).
As long as biological psychiatry had few treatments to bank on, psychology more or less held sway. But that changed considerably in the 1970s when moderately effective treatments for mental illness appeared on the market. That gave biological psychiatry a huge shot in the arm and it has grown in stature and power ever since.
But here's the rub. The brain has proved to be far more vastly complex than some of the biological enthusiasts have imagined. To be sure, there has been progress, but much of what is considered mental illness still is poorly understood and many drugs offer scattershot rather than well-targeted treatment. And that often translates into patients suffering serious drug side effects.
It is indeed very telling that psychiatry's disorder classification system, the DSM, still remains, as the section on ADHD shows - primarily a manual of descriptions of psychological states and symptoms - and not a manual pointing to disorders with specific underlying biological conditions.
Assumed ADHD Is Biologically Caused
Yet, in the case of ADHD, for example, there is clearly an unstated assumption that symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity have some biological cause. But the behavior that is described may have non-biological or social causes, such as bad parenting, poor schools and poverty.
There is certainly no indication in the DSM's description of ADHD that the "disorder" can be viewed as arising from a difficult or non-conformist relationship between an individual and his culture.
In other words, rather than spotlight problems in the culture, the subtle message in the DSM is that ADHD is biological in origin and therefore mental health professionals should opt for drugs to quell some ill-defined inner disruption
There is little in the way of worthy biological data available on something termed "ADHD" to make a scientific case for so much drugging of children.
Now, if either the current president of the American Psychiatric Association or the chief science officer of Novartis would enjoy debating me on this point, I'm sure we can arrange a public forum and an Internet Webcast.  '

I think after reading several other articles that we need to defund the APA greatly and ensure that there is a more 'diverse' group of people conducting surveys, looking at data and overall oversight within this unique 'Scientific' arena.  Over the past 30 years or so, I think parents should take a hard look at who is doing what and how it is affecting our families.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

An interesting radical feminist blog

I stumbled upon this website today:

This blog appears to be a radical, lesbian blog that wants to reinvigorate radical 'seperatist feminism'.

I bet this blog is just a haven of fun.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Legal influence of Misandry and Pseudoscience

This is nothing more than a symptom of the Feminist ideologues-

I do hope that you remember that the destruction of the family is one of the stated goals of the Lesbian Feminist Matriarchs.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Interesting blog I found that genuinely supports father’s rights

 Interesting blog I found at:

posted by fathershelphotline

‘Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recent Court Ruling Denies Viable Father for Rights and Forces Child into Adoption

Imagine--you're seventeen, hold down a part-time job, and are successful in school. You're on the school's football team, baseball team, and have no criminal history or history of drug use or alcohol use. Your girlfriend gets pregnant, tells you you're the father, and you prepare accordingly to have the child raised and cared for in your home by your mother while you're in school. The crib is assembled and the nursery is complete, a whole separate room in your parents' home for your new arrival.
Delivery day comes. The mother of your child refuses you as the father and puts the child up for adoption.
Like most dads (regardless of age), you would go through the courts to fight for the rights to be the parent to your child--even if your girlfriend (or perhaps "ex-girlfriend" at this point) feels the child should be put in adoptive care. Would you succeed?
Apparently not. In a recent court ruling in Bakersfield, California, a 17-year-old father, Christian Diaz, was denied parental rights to his own child, forcing the baby into adoptive care. A willing father was denied the chance to raise his child, just because the child's mother made a decision on her own, left his name off of the birth certificate, and persuaded hospital authorities that he wasn't the father and to keep him away from the child.
Father's rights are necessary. Cases like this, where a fit and willing father is stepping up to the plate to be a dad, remind us that there is still a long road ahead of us. Being with our children and raising them is a right we have, and until the courts can see this, we will continue to fight for our rights!
Read more about this hearing on
Become a fan of the National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights on Facebook to be updated with new articles and news stories as they happen!
Posted by fathershelphotline at 2:31 PM

This is sad but a real eye opener and blogs like this will help show the world what injustices are being done to fathers, in all aspects and facets of modern life.  Keep up the good work and thank you so much for helping to share this story to the world.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jūsų suvokimas yra jūsų realybe

Gana Frickin kietas (tai yra homoseksualus registravimo Juslinė medžiagos iš numanomus MRM svetainės balso vyrams)

pagal BR Merrick 4, 9, 2011 m.

"Man patinka vaikščioti žemyn kalno į patogumui parduotuvė galbūt porą kartų per savaitę. Aš gyvenu didelis-bet-malonus Butas kompleksas, kinda iš boonies. Taigi aš klausytis Prokofjevas 's "vasaros naktis" Suite mano iPod ir žengti mini-mall, kai aš galimybę į aukštas, platus c.i.f., Przystojny juodas vyrukas, tikriausiai apie 10 metų jaunesnis nei I, raumenų Prigludęs juoda tee marškinėliai ir Kamufliažinis šortai, laikydami rankas cutest berniukas, jūs matė nuo šį vieną. Maža, mažas berniukas pants. Džinsus su Nr nugarą kišenės. (Tais atvejais, kai nėra jis įdėti savo berniukas piniginės?) Džinsus yra taip Maisveidīgs, atrodo, kad jis nėra užpakalis.

Aš perduoti juos ir stebėjo, ir stebėjo, ir stebėjo su didelis šypsnys į mano veidą.
Kai buvo vadovauja atgal namo, jie vis dar kelyje į mane. Aš labai norėjau paklausti jo, ar galėtų būti paveikslėlį, greitai interviu jis išsiaiškinti, kas/kas/jei/kai/kodėl/kaip. Aš norėjau pasidalinti šiek tiek daugiau apie tai, kaip aš dalytis. Bet aš džiaugiuosi, aš nusprendžiau prieš tai. Nėra ką pasakyti apie haiku, nors tai skamba daugiau graudus anglų kalba:

Tėvas ir sūnus
Ėjimas koja kojon be
Mano trukdžių.

Todėl aš susilaikyti nuo paminėti pièce de résistance , kai jis iškedentas kad vaikas iš savo pusės liemens ir pateikti jį per savo pečių.

BR Merrick rašo "streikuoti šaknis" ir "A balso vyrams," gyvenimą į šiaurės rytus, didžiuojasi būti klasikinės muzikos redaktoriaus ir iTunes ir nepaisant visų nuodingas televizijos pobūdį, Dievas pats turės smalsauti savo DVD iš "Monty Python plaukioja cirko" iš savo šaldymo, mirę rankas, iškilusi grėsmė amžinai nuteistųjų. "

Komentarų apie šį puslapį ir greitai suprato, šis vaikinas tikrai gali būti vyrų teises, bet tai nėra minios, kad dauguma tiesiai vyrams būtų rimtai tipo. Aš nieko prieš LGBT minios, bet kodėl ten būti nieko nuotoliniu būdu Juslinė į svetainę kaip tai? Nėra jokių įtikinančių argumentų, kad esu susipažinęs patvirtinti jo galiojimas, supratau, kaip malė pagal "feministė judėjimas", kad yra malė orientuotas ir viršijimas su homoseksualų ideologσw, kad bus, žinoma, ne suma daug ilgainiui ir greičiausiai sukelti daugiau žalos nei gerai, kad heterosexuals, kad būtų tikrai looking for a palanki grupė žmonių. Garso susipažinę?

Aš sąžiningai negalėjo rūpintis mažiau ką nors daro savo miegamasis. Bet kaip gali kas nors imtis jūs rimtai, kai yra pranešimų patiko, kad jūsų svetainėje? Kurie leistų svetainės kad "remia" [įveskite lyties] teises, apie priešingą lytį kalbama (kai kuriais atvejais gali būti galiojantis atsižvelgiant į ypač rodinys), tada leidžia tie patys žmonės grupėje rašyti sexualized ir sensualized straipsnių apie tą pačią grupę žmonių? Ak, feminists. Ji tik daro tiek daug prasmės. Įvesti vyriškos lyties feminazi metus.

Žinoma, leidžia ne sutelkti dėmesį visų blogų dalykų, kurie vyksta ten, nes neblogai turi potencialą, kad žemės. Kaip feminists, jie advokatas jų lyčių teisių kartais pasakyti mažiau kaip geros reputacijos dalykų apie priešingą lytį, eiti į isterija kiekvieną kartą, kai kažkas klausimų tam tikromis temomis, imtis ką nors pasakyti iš konteksto ir, žinoma rezultatas pavadinimas telefonu be priežasties ne visi (taip patBe ne susitarti su jais visiškai).

Paklaustas, paprastą klausimą "kaip malė, tiesiai paauglys manote?", kad gali atsitikti, per šį puslapį ji buvo susitiko su sieros rūgštis, ad hominem išpuolių ir tipiškų feministė purvo pakabinamieji kaip įprasta. Ji neatsižvelgė ilgas man sugauti vėjo, kas iš tiesų vyksta. Jie buvo gynybinės be priežasties. Jie buvo daugiau kaip reaguoja į paprastą klausimą "Kaip svarbi šį pranešimą vyrų teises?" Ji neatsižvelgia į genijus, suprantame, kad jie buvo yra per apsaugos kažką, kad nebuvo net ataka į pirmąją vietą.

Visais sąžiningumo, gavo paprastas atsakymas, mes parama homoseksualai, registravimo Juslinė straipsnių apie kiti žmonės sakė "gerai" ir būtų neišeisite etape teisę. Tačiau reakcija, kad gavau man galvoti, kad būtų klijuoti per purvo pakabinamieji ir ji neatsiώvelgλ daug man pamatyti, ką jie apie.

Tai ne pirmą kartą Pauliaus grupės atėjo į klausimą apie tai vientisumą. Dėl to dėstydamos buvo ataskaitas rasinės slurs, pavadinimas telefonu, išgedinimas taktiką ir t.t. (jūs žinote, visiškai feministė dalykas) ir jis padarė daug MRMs give up apie juos. Jų taip pat yra nuorodos į pro "White nacionalistinė" svetainėse kaip , taip pat yra anti-feminist arba pro APS bet sąžiningai, gali rimtai galima jums grupė su peržiūros patinka, kad? Na, manau, mangina gali būti įvairių formų ir formų. Kai aš sakau mangina, šiuo atveju, I mean vyrai, kad yra toks silpnas, kad jie turi grupė iki kitiems nereikalingų emocinę paramą poreikį. Kaip padaryti feminists. Tai liūdna diena.

Žmogus gali būti reikalaujama apmokėti seksualinis priekabiavimas, "leering" į moterį darbo vietoje bet homoseksualų žmogus gali rašyti Juslinė straipsnius vyrų teisių svetainėje, kad čempionų "Vyrų ir berniukų" tais atvejais, kai bet koks berniukas gali būti Banglentės tai puslapių ieško atsakymus, tik prie pamatyti kažką panašaus. Kai aš paklausė apie komentarą, kad jis padarė nurodant "vyrų yra sveikintinas čia be kvalifikacijos" aš paminėti, kad galbūt jis negali būti gera idėja nes jis gali pritraukti pedos arba nariai iš NAMBLA klika, dar kartą, konstruktyvios kritikos buvo susitiko su gynybinės spaudimas ir sieros rūgštis.

Galiausiai, kad sakė, aš suprantu, kaip sunku gali būti, kad daug atskirų veidus ir matmenų žmonių iš įvairių sluoksnių, įsitikinimus, seksualinė orientacija, ir tt ir po vienu stogu. Paul, pats, nėra daugiau nei jo tikroji dalis, ką jis daro ir kelia daug savo laiko (ir išteklius iš ką galite surinkti) į šį projektą. Jei jis gali gauti savo over-reactive, hiper gynybinės lackeys augti poros ir savo gyvenimą be gyvenimo vicariously per ką tik galima apibūdinti kaip Okaleczenie spaudimas kaip stiprus, vyriškas, vyriškumas, tada galbūt daugiau vyrų būtų pamatyti grupės yra atviros, teigiama.

Dauguma vyrų (arba moterų, kad norėsite padėti) bus ne suderinti save su grupe whiners, kaip feministė kariuomenę. Kaip ir dauguma mano kartos žmonių, kad prieštarauti juokingumas, seeping į mūsų norimą tarpų awesomeness pasakyti, "sėkmės su".