Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Feminist Hypocrisy: Reproductive Rights

How Feminism killed the Space Age

Racial Portrayal in the Media

Vigilante killing saves Canada's economy

Vigilante killing saves Canadian economy
written by Diana Davison and John Hembling

Full article:

Elizabeth Sheehy, Defending Battered Women on Trial:

Women's Legal Education and Action Fund

Elizabeth Fry Societies

Elizabeth Sheehy's resume


Barbara Kay National Post

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Feminist Current interview :

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Femicide :

Infanticide :

The New Nigger by NurdyDancing

Where Have All The Real Men Gone?! Bill Whittle and Zo on the Wimpificat...

Agenda Insight: Goodbye to Good Men

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Creepy BitterGrrl: Origins

Ania Bula, Vyckie Garrison, PZ Myers, Natalie Reed: Gender Issues Q&A (E...

This is what Feminists talk about in their spare time.

/start sarcasm
/shocked face
/end sarcasm


The Problem of Rape (+playlist)

Dramatic Reading by Miss Lonelyhearts: "PIV Is Always Rape, OK?" (Witchw...

The Vivifier: Misandry in Spiritual Communities

Misandry isn't even a word!

I need feminism because I am against equality (+playlist)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Female Soldier Boxes Infantry Marine in Iraq

During down time, the Army was holding Friday Night Fights for any troops wanting to release some tension. Enter this female Soldier who thought she could hang with,or whoop, any Infantry Marine on the FOB...Semper Fucking Fi.