Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A wonderful little insightful webpage I found...

While surfing the web today, I happened upon this wonderful webpage:


What I really found funny was the 'definition' of misandry at the bottom of the webpage:

mi•sand•ry n. A love for honest speech; accordance with reality: “Besides preaching misandry, the basic premise of women’s lib is that women are more discriminated against than men. That is the biggest hoax in the Western world” (Richard F. Doyle of the Christian Party). [A parallel construction of English misogyny, by American antifeminists in the late 20th century.] '

I think I'll post my new definition of insanity.

In*san*ity n. 1) A feminist that dismisses violence perpetrated by women to all other human beings, whether it is sexual, physical, phsycological, or verbal while claiming to be a feminist. 2) Feminists that believe and condone LGBT separatist Lesbian Feminism is a rational, alternative lifestyle.  3) Feminists that believe children are just a 'byproduct' or just has 'a special relationship with' heterosexual couples.  4) Anyone that believes that gender is just a social construct.  5) Anyone that believes that men and women are the same.  6) Anyone that agrees with these types of Feminists.

There are so many pieces of the body of that horrid post I could tear to shreds but today I'd rather finish my work and go home to enjoy my hobbies.

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