Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Avoiceformen's blogtalkradio's episode: White Knights and Other Criminals

Take a listen here:

What appears to be a somewhat genuine desire to be free of a misandric westernized culture is really a MRA utopian never, neverland hallucination.  I think this is exactly what Radical Lesbian Feminists attempted to create in their unrealistic utopia without men.

There were RadFem lesbians that attempted to create these homosexual, man-free feminist utopian communities the problem was most of them broke up for various reasons (not self-sustainable in most cases).

It doesn't work Mr. Elam.  The vast majority of human beings are very much heterosexual and very much want to mate with each other.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gay men sexually harass straight Firefighters that were forced to drive firetruck in a gay pride parade

Court Reaffirms: City Can't Force Firefighters to Attend Gay Pride Parade
By Kathleen Gilbert
SAN DIEGO, California, October 18, 2010 ( - A California appellate court has quickly upheld a jury decision last year that forbade San Diego from forcing firefighters to participate in a gay pride parade.
The case involved four San Diego firefighters who had been forced to drive a firetruck in the city's celebration of homosexuality, where the men were subjected to catcalls and obscene gestures, and surrounded by simulated sex acts and other explicit imagery.
In the days leading up to the event, the city had ignored the firefighter's numerous objections to taking part.
Captain John Ghiotto and firefighters Jason Hewitt, Alex Kane and Chad Allison won their complaint in February 2009, and were awarded a total of $34,000 as well as legal fees.
Although the city changed its policy after the firefighters filed suit against the city with the Superior Court for the County of San Diego in August 2007, the firefighters maintain that the city has stated it is allowed to revert to forced participation if volunteers are not available.
After the city appealed the ruling, the California Court of Appeal for the Fourth Appellate District, Division One, concluded Thursday “that the record contains substantial evidence to support a finding that the sexual harassment experienced by the Firefighters during the Pride Parade was severe and pervasive, thus altering the conditions of employment and creating a hostile or abusive work environment.”
Capt. Ghiotto said Friday that he was pleased with the ruling. “The amount of money the city has spent on this is amazing — I’ll bet it’s in the millions by now. This whole thing could have been solved in a day. They knew two or three days before that we didn’t want to be in that parade," he told media.
A spokeswoman for the San Diego attorney's office said the city is pondering whether to appeal yet again.
The decision came less than a week after hearing oral arguments. Attorneys affiliated with the Thomas More Law Center and the Alliance Defense Fund supported the firefighters in the case.
“Government employees should never be forced to participate in events or acts that violate their sincerely held beliefs. The jury saw this, and the court wisely upheld that ruling,” said Charles S. LiMandri, the West Coast regional director of the Thomas More Law Center. “The jury’s verdict recognized the firefighters’ right to opt out of activities that they consider morally offensive and that subject them to harassment.”
“We hope this ruling will end the city’s attempts to defend its act of compelling people to participate in sexually-charged events against their moral and personal convictions,” said ADF Senior Counsel Joseph Infranco, who is co-counsel in the case. “If not, we are prepared to continue to defend the firefighters all the way to the California Supreme Court.” '

Ofcourse, the hyppocrites never bring up these things since the media makes these topics invisible.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Why Heterosexual men need to constantly be aware of Gay men (and gay MRAs)

'Rapists target male drinkers

Caroline Marcus
January 13, 2008
HUNDREDS of straight men are being raped in the city and eastern suburbs every year, many after having their drinks spiked.
Health experts have warned that men can be just as much of a target for sexual predators as women, although most men were not aware of the threat that lurked every time they went to the pub.
The Eastern and Central Sexual Assault Service at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital recorded 44 male victims of sexual assault last year, although manager Lisa Simpson said the figure was just "the tip of the iceberg".
There have been 293 since 2001.
Up to 95 per cent of male victims did not report the crime to police.
"There is a huge denial about same-sex sexual assault," Ms Simpson said.
"Men are vulnerable to sexual assault just as women can be vulnerable to sexual assault. Rape is about people who want to dominate other human beings in a sexually aggressive way."
Drug-assisted sexual assaults were relatively common among presentations to the clinic, she said.
"A lot of men seem to have met their offenders at pubs or clubs or venues such as that, had a few drinks and then become aware afterwards that they had been sexually assaulted and their drinks had been spiked with drugs or alcohol," she said.
Men made up 16 per cent of the 273 sexual assault cases at the clinic last year - consistent with national proportions, the Institute of Criminology said.
In 2002, there were 4800 male victims of sexual assault older than 15 across the country, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said.
However, men were also far less likely than women to seek help or report an assault.
The NSW Rape Crisis Centre has also reported an increase in men contacting it.'


The Sydney Morning Herald

An old post but not any less important.

There are so many posts about homosexual sexual harassment, harassment and even violence but the mainstream media covers it up so the unaware public won't backlash against the many indisputably horrible crimes committed against us.  Ofcourse, people of all backgrounds commit crimes but when the crime is targeted from one group to another and no one says anything about then there is a problem.

Please look around for this information.  It is there and there is plenty of it to find.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Males Studies over at the the Good Man project...

This ridiculously unpleasant gay (men's?) rights group is utterly ridiculous.  It's almost as overwhelmingly lame, annoyingly feminized and homosexual as Paul Elam's group over at  Take a look below:

I think it's safe to say that as the birthrate continues to plummet, these wierdos hellbent on trying to get straight men to join their circle jerks will thankfully begin to disappear.  Mother nature does have a purpose for the sexually non-reproductive afterall.  Ofcourse, some would say that the previous statement is insulting.  Good for them.  Creating movements in order to garner support for another movement as a cover up is equally pathetic. 

In any case, I think I'll be the least of their worries when a lot of these men realize that they are being duped by the LGBT crowds (again).  As with the men's rights movements, the most prominent leaders were LGBT folk.  Radical Lesbians brainwashed the women that were foolish enough to believe their lies and now radical heterophobes are attempting the same under the cover of 'men's rights activism'.

A good way to counter this is simply to show one's son the deceptive practices being used by these people and how to research the truth along with teaching them how to use their own propaganda against them.

With many men realizing the truth about feminism, they will also begin to see that straight men must continue to be the strong, loving men towards equally loving women as they have always been.  It doesn't require being a part of any movement or group.  It doesn't require one to sacrifice what one believes is right.  It only requires one to be a positive male role model for one's children, a loving husband/father and to speak out against any perceived injustice.  The truth will bear itself, eventually.

Feminism isn't about envy of the male phallus?

I really thought feminism couldn't reach new lows but even many years later, here you have it.

The original video was from youtube but I found this from another website.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Manhattan man gets assaulted by 2 lesbians and gets charged for defending himself

How biased the mainstream media is. Here's the real story. A McDonald's employee questioned a $50 dollar bill he was given as a form of payment from an order by two lesbians at the counter. After questioning the validity of the currency, the two lesbians repeatedly slapped him, jumped over the counter and chased him towards to the back of the fast food restaurant in order to assault him further. As he raced to the back of the store, he grabbed a piece of metal pipe and began hitting the lesbians who were attempting to assault him. This looks like self defense to me but I'm sure that the special rights crowd would disagree. People still don't understand that every society (including Empires) has fallen with the advocacy of homosexuality in society and attempt to use the media as propaganda tools so the public is kept 'dumbed down.' They don't mention the sexual orientation of a person unless they are a 'victim' and they usually misrepresent the truth in general. The McDonalds employee is a 'felon' with a 'violent history'. Here's the truth: He was among a group of kids playing with a gun when it accidentally went off. The charge was 'Depraved indifference to human life', whatever the hell that is supposed to mean. In other words, the big, scary McDonalds employee (with a criminal background!) beat two lesbian women (possible hate crime?) in self defense....only it was not self defense but because he's big and scary and predatory because they assaulted him and he wasn't going to stand for it any longer. Do you understand now? Right. Carry on with your pitiful lives, mortals.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A RadFem, Lesbian Misandrist makes a video about 'real' feminism

This woman really has issues.  I'd pity her if she wasn't so idiotic but I just can't bring myself to it.

One look at her profile reveals that she's a lesbian, radical feminist and not only that but uses it to cover up her misandry.  Any rational thinking person knows that you don't have to insult others to champion a just cause.  I do understand frustration.  I do understand anger.  But what this person in this video is talking about is ridiculous.  Just because there are a few men in society like this does not mean that you blame the lot of them for it.  It is irrational and very extreme without good reason.  Are there bad men?  Ofcourse.  Are there bad women?  Yes, definitely.  Is this a reason to be extremist?  Not really.  Is some of what this person speaks about due to culture?  Yes.  Is some of it due to nurture?  My guess is in some cases, yes.  Does this mean that you use it to justify man bashing or man hating all men?  Not in the slightest.
This is pure, LGBT 'real' radfem propaganda.  What she is really upset about is the fact that she is biologically female and that men don't share in her female biology.  She explicitly states in her video that 'with age it gets worse, men keep going on with their careers..' Ofcourse!  Most men have wives and families to support or are in the process of obtaining a relationship that may eventually lead to that.  Therefore, he must have a decent career to support them.

What this lesbian RedFem really is supporting is the separation of the genders completely.  This will never happen, ofcourse, but if it did all human beings on Earth would perish.  Since the vast majority of our population reproduces by heterosexual intercourse, I'd proudly call this person's material feminazi propaganda.  Seig Heil!