Thursday, June 21, 2012

Debate: Men Are Finished

Christina Hoff Sommers on Violence Against Women (Youtube)

A most interesting video.

Does Canadian Law Respect The Role Of Fathers (Youtube)

Where Did All The 'Manly Men' Go?

Society's Contempt For Men And Boys

Men And Father's Rights

Tropes Vs Women: What its Really About (Youtube)

The best rebuttal I've seen to Feminist Frequency's 'Tropes vs. Women' bs video.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Irritated Jenny: Feminism, Lesbianism & The making of a Black Widow Pt.1 (Youtube)

I'm not a history buff and I have very little interest in American history but I found this on youtube that was published under the Feminism tag.

After listening for a while, I will caution that this is afro centric and contains racial slurs as well as a focus on slavery in the beginning of the first video.

What these people really mean when they say 'White' is really 'Jewish' since Feminism is a "Elitist" Jewish Social Engineering program.  This means that a small segment of this group of  people have elevated this and pushed into the world view.

It is now infecting all societies and I believe the negros were the test run.

Edit: There is a lot of anti-white rhetoric embedded in these videos, its right up there with the White Nationalist nonsense.

New DNA Evidence Demolishes Feminist Claims About Rape (Youtube)

Another good video by Mr1001Nights: DNA tests eliminated between 8 and 15% of convicted offenders and supported exoneration. 46% were indeterminate Only 6% of rape accusations lead to conviction

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Meaning of "Austerity" (Youtube)

Why the Economic Crisis Deepens | The New School (Youtube)

One of the best speeches I have ever heard on the topic of how to organize business:

Richard D. Wolff is a very interesting fellow.

The End of Capitalism? - David Harvey (Penn Humanities Forum, 30 Nov 2011)

Michael Parenti - The Face of Imperialism and The 99% Solution University of Guelph 2011

Noam Chomsky: "Free Markets?" (Youtube)

Noam Chomsky talks about Free Markets and how they have change in recent times.

A Response To Feminist♀Frequency (Youtube)

Aside from the immaturity in this video, I agree with much of what he says.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Brian Banks Wrongly Jailed For Rape Gets Second Chance With NFL (Youtube)

Myth Of The Good Jew (Youtube) A very interesting video

A very interesting video.

Feminist Frequency takes on Video games aka Tropes vs. Women in Video games

The lesbians are at it again.

The above video is from her kickstarter website where she lets everyone know that she needs 'thousands' of USD for her project:

Already there are people that have made good counter videos.  Below is a good example.

This video lets everyone know that this Anita Sarkheesian (spelling?) of FF is a sexist woman and is a very fair video making a point to not donate to her kickstarter project.

Below is the best video response that I have seen so far:

Monday, June 11, 2012

Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood's racist founder (Youtube)

Yep, Women's groups are just interested in "women's rights" and equality.

What's funny is that this group is now after anyone's children since 'infant kills pays the bills.'

Thursday, June 7, 2012

'Dear Men: Your "Compliments..." ' (Youtube)

This woman suffered severe depression, body dismorphia, was overweight as a teenager and was teased for it.  Now she works out at a gym in her late twenties and has something to say to men that make 'compliments' to her (she thinks that men howling or making cat-calls toward her are men making compliments).

Now she can use the handful of men that do this to her as a 'reason' for her to unleash any sort of insult to all men, of all races, of all backgrounds, of all classes, of all countries because well, she's justified, she's angry and most importantly, she has a vagina.

....and if you disagree, then you must be a woman hater.

oh, don't forget that if you see her walking somewhere and say 'what's up?' then you should go choke on a bag of 'dicks' "because that's what you are, a dick."

What a wonderful person she must be.