Friday, April 6, 2012

Writers warned to tow the politically correct line about women.. (Youtube, New Zealand)

Try not to vomit while listening to this nonsense instigated by Feminists. For some reason, Feminists still try to defy reality, Science, common sense and logic.  However, it fortunately always catches back up with them.

....and people wonder why the general public doesn't stand with them or their values....

I'm a sexy woman, so stop objectifying me! (Youtube)

Men not marrying? How deep does "the problem" go? (Youtube)

The best video from girlwriteswhat on youtube.

I think she knows men better than most men know themselves.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An Exercise in Inherent Female Greed via Briffault's law and Feminism (Youtube, USA)

Attorney General Knows Men are Discriminated Against (Youtube)

The April 4th Directive, the Death of Due Process for Male Students (Youtube)

From Women's Rights to Feminist Wrongs: Society's Contemporary Contempt for Men (Youtube, Canada)