Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Good Mangina Project

Bernard Chapin has a really great youtube channel.  Even though I'm an Independent and think the Right is just as useless/idiotic as the Left most of the time, I still agree with most of what he says whenever he's not talking about politics.

Take a look from the '' website:

It's supposed to be about men and maculinity but it's flooded and filled with homosexual bullshit and mangina ideology.  They honestly expect men to buy into this crap?  Good luck with that.

These 'men' are nothing but male feminists (aka gay rights activists with an agenda) that want to improve relations with the 90%+ heterosexual world community like the LGBT gay-straight alliance douches.

It's like these people live in an alternate reality.  Men (the world majority of them being straight) bond by discussing common interests (ie., women, sports, video games, hobbies, etc.) in a manner that they feel comfortable with as heterosexuals which involves heteronormativity.  Most men cannot and don't want to waste time with homosexuals, transsexuals, bisexuals, lesbians, etc. since there will always be a conflict of interest in life and usually a conflict of morals.

This is ridiculous.  I have a gay Uncle and though he is a family member, I don't like spending time with him because he is truly a weirdo.  Myself and other people in our family can't relate to the guy and we are nice to him (not just 'tolerant') but there isn't any way we can be around the guy longer than a few hours at most.  We have different senses of humors, different ways we view things of interests (we see a 'cool' action hero, he sees a 'handsome man' kind of thing) and not to mention the guys like talking about women sensually and sexually but he likes to talk about men that way.  There is no way in hell straight men want anything to do with that. Period.

What's funny is that these people want to say that there is equality if they 'force' everyone to want to get involved with people that spread diseases like HIV, HPV, etc. but you're a 'homophobe' if you don't want to be around them even though some of the diseases being spread around are contagious and can be passed around by physical contact with them.  Go figure.

I can't wait until one of the 'straight' men in these 'groups' actually contracts one of these diseases/viruses and starts sueing.  Not only will stigma force these deginerates to leave people alone, it will cause a social backlash that is backed by health concerns as it should be in the first place.

Of course, not all LGBT-ers are deginerates.  I save that name for those in the LGBT crowd that feel they are so special that they can force everyone to care about their own movement at the expense of everyone elses social/political/medical/psychological/economic problems.

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