Saturday, September 29, 2012

Returning the Male Gaze

Here is a Black American woman complaining about men on the street staring at her but admits that she doesn't wear a bra....

Traditionalism and chivalry = the other feminism

Listen to this moaning idiot criticize feminists and women that gain from men's position and self-sacrifice that created the very civilization and safe spaces for them while denigrating the men that also enable him, other men, boys, women (good or bad) and the rest of humankind to live in more free societies with some respect of freedom (if not relatively waning compared to the not so distant past) for him to utter his nonsense in relative safety of physical harm.  Just like a feminist.

Perhaps he would pose that men shouldn't do these types of things and everyone would be forced into servitude under Hitler's regime or a Feudal Japanese Emperor's tyrannical rule.

He is nothing more that a male feminist.

His points concerning the gay rights political movements/groups are also incorrect.  If homosexual/lesbian theory is more or less feminist theory (most of whom with mental problems and/or father issues) and feminism is the platform that Feminists use to direct their attacks against heterosexuality and/or the so called 'nuclear family'...... it's pretty obvious what the core offender is.

The way in which he depicts women as 'women offer nothing to the relationship' is not accurate of most decent women at all.  Modern women, perhaps but this development is a very recent one and we all already know the main reason why this is....and the collection of theories and where those theories derive from and who has influenced them.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Black Women Will Regret Making Decent Black Men Their Enemies (by RickScorpio)


Effects of MST on the family

"Rape is not just a nightmare for military women. Of the estimated 19,000 reported sexual assaults and rapes in the armed forces last year, the majority were actually committed against men. Men are assaulted at a rate 1% versus 4.4% of women, but that still translates to thousands of attaches against recruits and officers. This is a Silent Epidemic! It is not accepted in our culture that this happens to men, so they are far more ashamed and embarrassed and far less likely to talk about their experiences with their health care providers or even their loved ones. Mike Matthews and his wife, Geri Lynn, are on a mission to change all that. They have teamed up with filmmaker Michael Miller on “Justice Denied,” a documentary about sexual assaults against military men.

Mike Matthews was raped in 1974 at Whiteman Air Force Base, a year out of high school. Three servicemen were lying in wait in the dark and struck him from behind. He was knocked unconscious, beaten up and sodomized. Afraid he would be kicked out if he reported the incident to his superiors, Matthews, like most victims of military sexual trauma, suffered in silence for his 20 year career as a communications specialist and electrician. Mike lived with this dirty secret for nearly 30 years, before telling my wife and going for counseling. He spent years with this pent-up rage, severe depression, tried to commit suicide several times, and had two failed marriages. The media have mostly focused on sexual crimes against women, but abuse in the military is not a gender issue but a human rights issue. It's rampant and nobody knows about it. Our government has to change the laws to make the perpetrators and commanders accountable."

....and we pretend that the Western Countries that repeal laws and policies in favor for open homosexuality such as in Britain or the United States is in the best interest for men and women that have to serve with these individuals in intimate settings.  They don't force the opposite sexes in these type of situations because it's obvious of the possible consequences but now they have created a glaring double standard in the military communities.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Valuing' the Indian housewife

The People of India are going to hit hard with a brand of socialism/communism that will lead to the eventual downfall of its society.  Little do they know that this is the very type of ideology that destroys societies.  Perhaps they didn't read about the Russian family's demise and/or how it came to be the country it is now.


Feminism: Russia's Deadly Weapon Against the Family - A most interesting lecture

Aside from all the religious talk, I whole-heartedly agree with most of the points made to some degree.  An attack on family is an attack on freedom.  Feminism and homosexual agendas are just tools for those that want to usurp the greater society at large.  Let's remember what happened to the supporters of the communists after their supporters help them defeat their enemies.  They were mercilessly slaughtered. If you destroy the family you weaken society, when you weaken society then you strengthen the State and/or other State-like institutions, organizations, ideologies, or revolutionaries (regardless of their personal agendas).

Masonry Unmasked

Personally, I come from a line of free masons and I am an atheist.  However, I recognize that religion must be allowed to flourish and that people must have rights (within reason and not contradictory to sustainability of human life).