Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Alan Watt The Neo-Eugenics War On Humanity (Youtube)

A most interesting video.

The Masterplan - Why the Elites are attacking the family unit (Youtube)

An Interview with the wonderful Margaret Sanger, the Feminist founder of Planned Parenthood and Eugenicist extrodinaire (Youtube)

The Questions that bare the core of her thinking, people that think like her and its obvious madness:

I'm not religious but her logic is very misanthropic and is not a positive force for humanity.

Gettin' Laid (Youtube) aka Why Feminists are wrong about women's appearances

Why paying attention to a woman's appearance and behavior matters.

Defund Planned Parenthood (Youtube)

Former Planned Parenthood Leader Abby Johnson on Life Unplanned

Abortion clinic 'performed abortion' and told the mother abortion was successful but child was still alive (Very sad story)

12 year old Girl tells the truth about abortion

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Traditional Relationships...nothing but business and a bottom line (Youtube)

It's good at first....then a lot of ideology gets involved.

What's funny is that I have grown up middle upper class and I don't think class has much to do with family dysfunctionality.

I'm not a traditonalist or a conservative but I guess what he's selling is the failed ideology of being a 'player.'  Not much of a choice....unless you actually care about your children.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lesbians Lied About Being Victims Of A Hate Crime (Youtube)

Aimee Whitchurch & Christel Conklin lie about being targets of a hate crime.

Guilty by Accusation in India (Youtube)

A good video by Johntheother.

Stop violence against who? (Youtube)

Violence against women vs. Violence against men (Youtube)

A good video by Mr1001nights.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why Aid to Africa is Not Working (Youtube)

Very interesting.

Things I did not know:

* There are more poor in India than in Africa.
* There are more poor in China than in Africa.
* Aid has helped the African country's governments become more corrupt.

Man raised as a girl after losing penis to circumcision commits suicide aka Why Gender feminists are wrong

Obviously men and women are very different, even our instincts know when society tells us the wrong thing about gender.

Rest in piece David Reimer (birth name Bruce).

The War Against Boys (Youtube)

The War against Boys.

The Precariat: The New Dangerous class aka the 99% overrunning everything

A rather good lecture by Guy Standing.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Double standards when it comes to rape (Youtube)

Another look at 'equality' being enforced.

Is this double standard being enforced due to the victim being a man or that he killed his homosexual rapist?  It seems pretty unreasonable how equality somehow misses the mark every time when heterosexual men are involved.

Ofcourse, we know what would have happened if it was a hetero-rape and the offender being the man.

It's so ludicrous that it would be funny if it wasn't true.

Male Rape (Youtube)

Male Rape  -  A discussion that is needed to be had everywhere, in all of the corners of the planet.

In America, look at the definition of rape on the FBI's website shown below:  http://www2.fbi.gov/ucr/cius2009/offenses/violent_crime/forcible_rape.html

Filipino man raped in the Middle East (reenactment)

Based on the websites that have this sort of information based on the male gender, it is said that most of the perpetrators are people that know the victim, though sometimes strangers will also be the perpetrator.

Also, reading through certain materials on these websites also make me realize how insidious these people are.  What they do is to generally gain your trust (usually by befriending you) then create a benign relationship where they can then get your guard down.

Ofcourse it is not Politically correct to say it, but I will since I don't really give a damn about it.  Most people that rape are serial rapists and most men are raped by other men.  For some reason, these websites state that men are raped by 'homosexual men' and 'heterosexual men' and that sex preference isn't a factor.  This must be false given the evidence to the contrary.  If most men are raped by other men and most rapists are serial rapists (meaning the continue to rape, time and time again) then one must conclude that there is a sexual preference attributed to the rapists targets.

There isn't much chance that I would believe that certain groups of 'heterosexual men' are raping other men.  That is pure propaganda and should have no place in something as serious as this. You won't ever see this covered logically because the truth will bare itself and there are people that are pushing agendas on everyone but have to cover up statistics with 'white lies' and political correctness in order to evade proper criticism.

The fact of the matter is that what this is saying is that homosexuals prey on straight men sexually and pretty much exclusively.  And 2.7 million raped/sexually assualted men is not a small number.

In order for things to come full circle, alot of special interest groups are going to have to explain alot of their lies away to their respectful public citizenry and hope there isn't a backlash for lieing about these issues.  After that, maybe everyone can come together and real healing can hopefully begin.  However, I don't ever see it happening the way things are going now.

Feminists Debunked (part 1) (Youtube)

A hard look at Feminist Frequency.


Taken from the youtube page of this video:

' The youtuber is called FeministFrequency who never allows criticism on her page, someone with confidence in their views would "welcome" critique genuinely and not try justify taking away by crying someone once told her to make a sandwich.
On her Facebook page (which can be found evetually by searching on Facebook "feminist Frequency" you'll see one of her favourite quotations is:
"You're either a feminist or a bigot, its like being pregnant or not pregnant, there is no inbetween".

Speaks greater volumes doesn't it? '

Friday, May 11, 2012

Legacy of the Nazis and modern race realists, aka Health, Wealth & Family cohesion (Youtube)

A hard look at libertarianism, racism, class, family, health & wealth.

Racism, Milton Friedman, Libertarianism and Narco Capitalism

How to spot a racetard and other fine things to think about (Youtube)

A good video by HannibaltheVictor13

Sugar & Spice, And Everything.......NOT! (Youtube)

Look at the state of things today:

Mini-lecture: Homosexuality, morality & nature (UCL)

This is where nature and society collide and face the the crossroad of evolving or ultimately die as history repeatedly shows us when civilizations let stupidity get the better of them.

All this means is that now paedophiles/hebephiles, people that have sex with animals/insects/reptiles/etc., people that have sex with inanimate objects and those that practice necrophilia have a case to have laws repealed in their favor.

I guess we should also forget what happened in Rome's social climate before it fell as well as Mau's China before he restored it to prosperity.
What a wonderful society we will have.

'Homonationalism gone viral' aka how Feminism/LGBT community infiltrated society (Youtube)

For those that can not connect the dots between Feminist/LGBT agendas, failing birthrates in all of Westernized society, and the drastic increase in single men & women throughout our societies, I have an interesting video for you to watch.

I hope you were 'enlightened' by this video.

Girl to Girl Conversation With a Feminist (Youtube)

A girl to girl conversation with a Feminist shows how truly heterophobic and misandric some Feminists really are.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Noam Chomsky - The Myth of the Liberal Media (Youtube)

MSNBC: Mona El-Tahawi vs Leila Ahmed on Arab Misogyny (Youtube, MSNBC)

A couple of feminists talk about Arab misogyny/patriarchy but the older woman states that a male suicide is what started the revolution after being slapped and having his cart turned over by a female police officer.

Male Disposability & Female Objectification (Youtube, United Kingdom)

Domestic Violence - The Lies Are Over! (Youtube)

Justice for Trayvon (Youtube, TheAmazingAtheist)