Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Males Studies over at the the Good Man project...

This ridiculously unpleasant gay (men's?) rights group is utterly ridiculous.  It's almost as overwhelmingly lame, annoyingly feminized and homosexual as Paul Elam's group over at avoiceformen.com.  Take a look below:


I think it's safe to say that as the birthrate continues to plummet, these wierdos hellbent on trying to get straight men to join their circle jerks will thankfully begin to disappear.  Mother nature does have a purpose for the sexually non-reproductive afterall.  Ofcourse, some would say that the previous statement is insulting.  Good for them.  Creating movements in order to garner support for another movement as a cover up is equally pathetic. 

In any case, I think I'll be the least of their worries when a lot of these men realize that they are being duped by the LGBT crowds (again).  As with the men's rights movements, the most prominent leaders were LGBT folk.  Radical Lesbians brainwashed the women that were foolish enough to believe their lies and now radical heterophobes are attempting the same under the cover of 'men's rights activism'.

A good way to counter this is simply to show one's son the deceptive practices being used by these people and how to research the truth along with teaching them how to use their own propaganda against them.

With many men realizing the truth about feminism, they will also begin to see that straight men must continue to be the strong, loving men towards equally loving women as they have always been.  It doesn't require being a part of any movement or group.  It doesn't require one to sacrifice what one believes is right.  It only requires one to be a positive male role model for one's children, a loving husband/father and to speak out against any perceived injustice.  The truth will bear itself, eventually.

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