Thursday, March 22, 2012

Noam Chomsky on Reagan's Distorted Legacy, Wisconsin Protests & Obama's Activist Crackdown (Youtube)

Chomsky on Obama vs. Free Speech (Youtube)

This is why people in America (& in other countries) should be critical of President Obama:

Noam Chomsky: Wage Slavery = Chattel Slavery (Youtube)

Self-ownership vs. Self-management (Youtube)

Capitalist "self-ownership" & "being left alone" (Youtube)

Refuting "self-ownership" & the "Freeloading" hysteria (Youtube)

A video by mr1001nights:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Alfred Adask rants about American women (Youtube, USA)

Michael Coren On "Gender Neutral" Children (Youtube, UK)

This is why I don't support raising a child gender neutral or support transgenderism.  Nearly half of all persons that identify being 'transgender' and/or went through surgery to become a 'different' sex have attempted suicide.

Ofcourse, for the very same reason, this is why I think transgenderism is very similar to homosexuality in some ways.

Even in the Netherlands, which is very tolerant of homosexuality, suicide rates for homosexuals is still far greater than heterosexuals.  Since being transsexual is a mental disorder and being homosexual has strong links to mental health issues, I think it is safe to say that Feminist and/or pro-LGBT agendas are not healthy for the rest of the populations in general.

In any event I truly hope this child turns out okay and can see through the propaganda of what he is being brainwashed with.  If not, I hope he sues his parents for psychological abuse/torture.

Women in Combat - A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come (Youtube, USA)

This is the only video I will ever post by The Happy Misogynist here because on this issue he is 100% right:

Feminist or Humanist - Can you embrace responsibility?

I agree 100% with everything he said in this video.

RE: "If you're not a Feminist then you're a Bigot" (Youtube, UK)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fighting Feminist Misandry (Youtube)

A Voice For Minions (Youtube)

An awesome video about the 'avoiceformen' website which is more or less a psuedo gay rights website.

The Male Door-Opening Ritual (Youtube)

The typical Western feminist mindset.

I couldn't stand the annoying background music but I thought there would be some value in posting this ridiculous video here.

When she is single at 35 with no children and her hormones are driving her crazy due to her biological clock, I hope that she finds her own video or finds this post.

Female Negro, Abortion, Feminism and Depopulation (Youtube, USA)

A most interesting video.

How the new FBI definitions of rape hurt men even more (Youtube, USA) aka Feminists have helped women to be exluded from being a perpetrator of rape

Thanks to neo-liberals in the USA, women are now even more privileged.

Rogue Therapist sparks calls for reform

I'm glad someone is finally noticing....

Feminism and Rape Madness 2 (Youtube)

Part 2

Feminism and Rape Madness (Youtube)

This video has alot of truth to it.