Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A RadFem, Lesbian Misandrist makes a video about 'real' feminism

This woman really has issues.  I'd pity her if she wasn't so idiotic but I just can't bring myself to it.

One look at her profile reveals that she's a lesbian, radical feminist and not only that but uses it to cover up her misandry.  Any rational thinking person knows that you don't have to insult others to champion a just cause.  I do understand frustration.  I do understand anger.  But what this person in this video is talking about is ridiculous.  Just because there are a few men in society like this does not mean that you blame the lot of them for it.  It is irrational and very extreme without good reason.  Are there bad men?  Ofcourse.  Are there bad women?  Yes, definitely.  Is this a reason to be extremist?  Not really.  Is some of what this person speaks about due to culture?  Yes.  Is some of it due to nurture?  My guess is in some cases, yes.  Does this mean that you use it to justify man bashing or man hating all men?  Not in the slightest.
This is pure, LGBT 'real' radfem propaganda.  What she is really upset about is the fact that she is biologically female and that men don't share in her female biology.  She explicitly states in her video that 'with age it gets worse, men keep going on with their careers..' Ofcourse!  Most men have wives and families to support or are in the process of obtaining a relationship that may eventually lead to that.  Therefore, he must have a decent career to support them.

What this lesbian RedFem really is supporting is the separation of the genders completely.  This will never happen, ofcourse, but if it did all human beings on Earth would perish.  Since the vast majority of our population reproduces by heterosexual intercourse, I'd proudly call this person's material feminazi propaganda.  Seig Heil!

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