Saturday, December 31, 2011

Barbara Kay on institutionalized feminism and misandry (youtube)

Barbara kay on institutionalized feminism and misandry.

The Failure of Feminism by theamazingathiest (youtube)

This is one of the few gay guys that I actually can agree with and seems to know what he's talking about.

Eradicate Sex Work? (Youtube)

A good video by themessianicmanic on youtube.

'Our bodies, our choice, the government shouldn't tell women what they can or cannot do with their bodies' is what you'll hear from most Feminazis.  However, that utterly cheery slogan is never uttered when it comes to sex work and many other topics affecting women (or men...remember that they are supposed to want equality for women and

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A good video about Ayn Rand Morons and Neo right wingers (America)

Mr1001nights makes another great video.  Very almost makes me wish I was American....almost.

I think it would be impossible to be an American and support either of their ridiculous parties.  I think being an independent would be the way to go.

Bank of America to pay $335 Million in settlement with US over Bias case

When looking from the outside of the US, it is still the place to look to for hope and promise of many people of the world.  However, after reading this article I doubt that it's as much an open society as it claims to be.

BofA in record settlement with US over bias case

$335 million settles charges that its Countrywide unit discriminated against minority homebuyers

Bank of America Corp's Countrywide Financial unit agreed on Wednesday to pay a record $335 million to settle civil charges that it discriminated against minority homebuyers, a historic settlement for the Obama administration in the wake of the subprime mortgage morass.
As the financial crisis was building in 2008, Bank of America bought Countrywide, which specialized in so-called subprime mortgages, focusing on loans to those with lower credit ratings and charging them higher interest rates.
The settlement covers conduct between 2004 and 2008 before the acquisition by Bank of America, and involves a range of alleged wrongdoing including charging African-Americans and Hispanics higher interest rates and fees and steering some to more expensive subprime mortgages.

"In today’s settlement with Countrywide Financial Corporation, we resolved the government’s allegations that Countrywide and its subsidiaries – which are now owned by Bank of America – engaged in discriminatory mortgage lending practices against more than 200,000 qualified African-American and Hispanic borrowers from 2004 through 2008," U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement.
Holder said that the investigation found a widespread pattern of discrimination in more than 180 geographic markets across 41 states and the District of Columbia.
"These allegations represent alarming conduct – by one of the largest mortgage lenders in this country, during the height of the housing market boom," he added.
The money will be used to compensate victims of Countrywide's discriminatory mortgage loans from 2004 through 2007.

Reuters and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Male on Male Sexual Harassment on the Rise

To those that support the inclusion of 'open homosexuality' because it somehow benefits society:

(United States)

Posted on March 8, 2010

John Pilkington’s boss wouldn’t take no for an answer.
During more than two years as a food runner at an upscale steakhouse in Scottsdale, Arizona, Pilkington says his male supervisor groped, fondled and otherwise sexually harassed him more than a dozen times.

“It was very embarrassing,” Pilkington said. “I felt like I had to do something because the situation was just so bad.”
Now Pilkington, a married father of two, is the star witness in a U.S. federal lawsuit against Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar and one of a growing number of American men claiming they are victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.
From 1990 to 2009, the percentage of sexual harassment claims filed by men has doubled from 8 percent to 16 percent, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Lawyers at the commission say they’ve noticed the increase in complaints by men — more than 2,000 were filed in 2009 out of about 12,700 cases.
“It’s certainly possible that there’s more sexual harassment of men going on, but it could just be that more men are coming forward and complaining about it,” said Ernest Haffner, an attorney in the commission’s Office of Legal Counsel.
While some cases allege harassment by female supervisors or co-workers, most charges involve men harassing other men. Sometimes it’s unwelcome romantic advances. Other times, men are picked on because they are gay, perceived as being gay or not considered masculine enough for the work setting.
In the past, some employers might have shrugged off such antics as “boys will be boys” horseplay or fraternity-type behavior. But the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been filing more lawsuits involving male victims, saying it wants to send a message that such behavior is unacceptable and unlawful.
In November, for example, the Cheesecake Factory restaurant chain agreed to pay $345,000 to six male employees who claimed they were repeatedly sexually assaulted by a group of male kitchen staffers at a Phoenix-area restaurant.
The commission said the abusers would drag some victims kicking and screaming into a walk-in refrigerator, touching and grinding against the victims’ genitals and take turns simulating rape. The company denied the allegations but agreed to make a financial settlement and educate its employees and managers about sexual harassment.
Susan Strauss, a consultant who advises companies about how to avoid sexual harassment in the workplace, said she’s seeing more cases in which men are subject to a sexualized form of hazing.
“If you don’t fit the masculine stereotype or are viewed as effeminate, you get picked on in a sexual way to demean you,” Strauss said.
Cases involving women making unwanted advances toward men may also be rising as women make up a growing part of the work force. Last year, the Regal Entertainment Group, which operates a national chain of movie theaters, agreed to pay $175,000 to settle a lawsuit by a male employee who claimed a female co-worker repeatedly grabbed his crotch at work.
When the employee complained to his supervisor and the theater’s then-general manager, he claims, she failed to stop the harassment and instead retaliated with unfair discipline and lower performance evaluations.
The number of cases filed by men has grown steadily since a landmark Supreme Court ruling in 1998 held that same-sex harassment is a valid claim under federal anti-discrimination laws. That ruling involved an offshore oil rig worker who said he was subject to humiliating sex-related treatment by other workers, including being sodomized in the shower with a bar of soap.
In Pilkington’s case, he claims the restaurant’s chef would grope and pinch his genitals or grab his backside when Pilkington walked to the kitchen or stock room. Despite his complaints to the restaurant’s operating partner, he says the conduct didn’t stop.
After one incident, Pilkington lost his composure and yelled at the chef. Days later, he was fired — an action he claims was retaliation for his complaints. An Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit on behalf of Pilkington and three other current and former employees is pending.
“I think maybe it’s just harder for males to come out and file a complaint because of how embarrassing it is,” Pilkington said. “When I talk about it I get this nauseous feeling in my stomach.”
The restaurant has denied the charges. In a statement, the company that owns Fleming’s said the restaurant “has always been committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace free of harassment for all of its associates.”
Many victims are hesitant to come forward because they are afraid of being considered unmanly or being derided by co-workers, said Mary Jo O’Neill, a regional attorney in the EEOC’s Phoenix District office.
“All sexual harassment victims feel humiliated, lacking control and power,” O’Neill said. “This has a different twist because everyone expects that they would be able to handle it and take care of it themselves.” '

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Flight from marriage and foreign brides

A most interesting but equally ridiculous article I found.

'In this Lecture, the flight from marriage amongst the younger generation of Singaporeans was highlighted. The issue of education homogomy indeed plays an important part in this problem as more educated women in Singapore have found it harder to find a husband of equal or higher educational and social status as them. Extracted from the Get Real Series, men deemed Singaporean women as harder to love because they may come across as “arrogant”, especially for those who pursued a higher education. In my opinion, the fact that women may not necessarily want a man who is less accomplished as her does not equate to arrogance. In fact it may just be a reflection of the growing emancipation of women’s rights, and the fact that more women have come to realize that they are able, and have an equal right to that of men, to attain what they truly want. Men may see this emerging trait amongst women as a sign of increasing materialistic values and demands, as they have not changed their mindset, from that of a patriarchal school of thought to one which holds an egalitarian point of view of society. Furthermore in terms of educational homogamy, Nock mentions in his article on mate selection that, “those who have completed comparable amounts of schooling exhibit similar values, attitudes and lifestyles”. (Nock, 1992) With that concept in mind, it might be hard for a man of lower educational status to “connect” with a woman who is more successful.

This lack of a change in their way of thinking has thus lead to an increase amongst many poorly educated Singaporean men to turn to a foreign bride resulting in “transnational patriarchy”. They are choosing to marry “foreign mail order brides” as they are deemed to be more conservative and would fulfill the ideal role of a spouse as seen by men ( Jones and Gubhaju, 2009). It could be said that men’s symbolic identity is threatened as they may no longer hold the breadwinner status when involved in a dual-income relationship. Hence, by resorting to marrying these “foreign mail-order brides” it may be an affirmation of their masculinity. Thus for men who have set their ideals based on traditional gender roles,such as that the wife should be only concerned with the household and taking care of their children, they will indeed be lacking in choice of spouses in the domestic marriage market.

In a recent article in The Straits Times, entitled “Bride and Gloom”, the struggles faced by these foreign brides in Singapore were emphasized, as seen in this statement; “These men take their wives as 'maids-***-sex partners-***-caregivers for their elderly parents”. Singaporean men who marry foreign brides, a large number of whom do not have a steady income and sometimes are unable to support themselves, often do so, so as to gain companionship and also to exploit them. It was also highlighted that as many of these brides are on a long-term visit pass, they fear being deported back and being separated from their children, should their husbands cancel their passes. In the lecture, we were asked to question whether Singapore is in fact a matriarchal society, due to the large number of laws that support women’s rights and creates a “protected class”. However, I do not feel that we are. Though Singaporean women are protected by the women’s Charter etc., in the case of foreign brides we see a clear disjuncture in that, they are not protected at all. Their rights seem to be considered to be negligible compared to that of their husbands. If Singapore was truly a matriarchal society, a safety net would be set in place to prevent such brides from being exploited by local Singaporean men. Hence, I feel that more can be done by the state to help protect these women, who are not ‘’gold-diggers” but rather come to Singapore in hopes of a better life so as to create not a matriarchal, but rather egalitarian society where both the concerns of men and women are considered.'

Now since this person has established the extent of their insanity, I wonder if they'll get arrested.

Friday, December 2, 2011

The War against boys (Youtube)

Christina Hoff Sommers discusses a topic that I think is one of the central problems in our modern society.  She's a feminist but she's one that I don't mind listening to when it comes to this subject.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Men and Feminism (Youtube)

And these folks wonder why men are unable to relate to these people..... (warning: this video can be painfully feminized and even more painfully ridiculous.