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Pretty Frickin cool (Or is it really)


by B.R. Merrick 4/9/2011

'I like to walk down the hill to the convenience store maybe a couple of times a week. I live in a large-but-pleasant apartment complex, kinda out in the boonies. So I'm listening to Prokofiev's "Summer Night" Suite on my iPod and striding the mini-mall, when I chance upon a tall, broad-shouldered, handsome black guy, probably about 10 years younger than I, muscle-clinging black tee shirt and camouflage shorts, holding the hand of the cutest little boy you've seen since this one. Tiny, little-boy pants. Jeans with no back pockets. (Where does he put his little-boy wallet?) The jeans are so baggy it looks like he has no butt.

I passed them and watched, and watched, and watched with a big grin on my face.
When I was headed back home, they were still on the path in front of me. I desperately wanted to ask him whether I could take a picture, quickly interview him to find out who/what/where/when/why/how. I wanted to share a bit more of it than I am sharing. But I'm glad I decided against it. There's something to be said for haiku, although it sounds more pitiful in English:

A father and son
Walking hand in hand without
My interference.

Therefore, I will refrain from mentioning the pièce de résistance when he pulled the kid from his side by the torso and placed him up over his shoulders.

B.R. Merrick writes for "Strike The Root" and "A Voice for Men," lives in the Northeast, is proud to be a classical music reviewer at and iTunes, and in spite of the poisonous nature of television, God Himself will have to pry his DVDs of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” out of his cold, dead hands, under threat of eternal damnation.'

Pretty frickin' cool only if your not a straight man.

I commented on this page and quickly realized this guy may truly be for Men's Rights but this isn't the type of crowd that most straight men would take seriously.  I have nothing against the LGBT crowd but what reason would there be anything remotely sensual on a site like this?  There isn't any convincing argument that I'm aware of to confirm it's validity so I understood it as a male based 'feminist movement' that's male-centric and overrun with homosexual ideologues that will, of course, not amount to much in the long run and most likely cause more harm than good to heterosexuals that would genuinely be looking for a supportive group of people.  Sound familiar?

I honestly couldn't care less what someone does in their bedroom.  But how could anyone take you seriously when there are posts like that in your site?  Who would make a site that 'supports' [enter sex]'s rights, talks down about the opposite sex (in some cases may be valid depending on one's particular view), then allows those same people within the group to write sexualized and sensualized articles about that very same group of people?  Ah, feminists.  It only makes so much sense.  Enter the year of the male feminazi.

Of course, let's not focus on all of the bad things that goes on there, since good stuff has potential to make ground.  Like feminists, they advocate for the rights of their gender, at times say less than reputable things about the opposite sex, go into hysteria whenever someone questions certain topics, take anything you say out of context and of course result to name calling for no reason at all (well, besides not agreeing with them completely).

When asked a simple question of 'how would a male, straight teenager feel that might happen across this page?' it was met with vitriol, ad hominem attacks and the typical feminist mud slinging as usual.  It didn't take long for me to catch wind of what was really going on.  They were on the defensive for no reason.  They were over reacting to a simple question 'How is this post relevant to Men's rights?'  It doesn't take a genius to realize that they were being over protective of something that wasn't even under attack in the first place.

In all honesty, had I received a simple answer 'we support homosexuals posting sensual articles about other men' I would have said 'okay' and would have exited stage right.  But the reaction that I received made me think that I would stick around through the mud slinging and it didn't take much for me to see what they are all about. 

This isn't the first time Paul's group has come into question about it's integrity.  On the Spearhead there were reports of racial slurs, name calling, shaming tactics, etc (you know, the whole feminist thing) and it made a lot of MRMs give up on them.  In addition, there are links to pro 'White nationalist' sites like that are also anti-feminist or pro MRA but honestly, how serious can you take a group with views like that?  Well, I guess mangina can come in many shapes and forms.  When I say mangina, in this case, I mean the need of men that appear to be so weak that they need to group up on others for unnecessary emotional support.  Just like what feminists do.  A sad day it is.

A man can be charged for sexual harassment for 'leering' at a woman in the workplace but a homosexual man can write sensual articles on a Men's Rights site that champions 'Men and Boys' where any boy may be surfing it's pages looking for answers, only to see something like that.  When I asked about a comment that he made stating 'men are welcome here without qualification' I mentioned that perhaps it may not be such a good idea since it may attract pedos or members from the NAMBLA clique, again, the constructive criticism was met with defensive posturing and vitriol.

Lastly, with that said, I do realize how difficult it may be to have many individual faces and dimensions of people from varying backgrounds, beliefs, sexual preferences, etc. under one roof.  Paul, himself, does more than his fair share with what he does and puts a lot of his time (and resources from what I can gather) into this project.  If he can get his over-reactive, hyper-defensive lackeys to grow a pair and have their own lives without living vicariously through what can only be described as lameness posturing as strong, manly, masculinity then perhaps more men would see the group as an open, positive force.

Most men (or women that may want to help) will not align themselves with a group of whiners, like the feminist troop.  As with most people of my generation that oppose ridiculousness seeping into our desired spaces of awesomeness say, 'Good luck with that'.

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