Saturday, April 9, 2011

Welcome to the 'Your perception is your reality' site

Welcome all!

I created this site for anyone that has an opinion and cares to share them and the topics here will most likely be very controversial.  Over the past few years, I used to read feminist, antifeminist, humanist and MRA blogs/sites in great amusement but now I realize that even though each of these 'groups' may or may not directly oppose each other, however, another element within these groups seem to be the source of what troubles me.

I'm not sure what I could really call it besides 'heterophobia' or 'anti-family'-ness but whatever it really is seems to always revolve around biology, nature, propaganda, pseudo science, false or altered statistics, gender, hysteria and/or homosexuality (I'm not oppose to homosexuals but there is always an element of divisiveness when involved in these topics). 

Due to the sheer number of sub topics that surround and encompass these complex and multi-dimensional groups, I will regularly use generalizations knowing that there is always an exception.  For example, there may be 'good' elements of women's groups, feminism, etc., I will most likely address the 'bad' elements which are usually controversial and may be viewed as good or bad, depending on your own perception or knowledge of the topic.

Additionally, I am not really 'aligned' with any of these groups but I will criticize the Feminist groups, women's rights groups (that pass legislation that hurt men and/or children, or women, for that matter), radical feminists, misandrists, misogynists, anti-feminists, MRAs, humanists and anyone that I see either forcing an agenda on anyone or doing anything that may circumvent the rights of others (including any group, ie. men, women and/or children).

Please enjoy this site and feel free to comment whenever, about whatever pleases you.

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