Friday, September 14, 2012

Feminism: Russia's Deadly Weapon Against the Family - A most interesting lecture

Aside from all the religious talk, I whole-heartedly agree with most of the points made to some degree.  An attack on family is an attack on freedom.  Feminism and homosexual agendas are just tools for those that want to usurp the greater society at large.  Let's remember what happened to the supporters of the communists after their supporters help them defeat their enemies.  They were mercilessly slaughtered. If you destroy the family you weaken society, when you weaken society then you strengthen the State and/or other State-like institutions, organizations, ideologies, or revolutionaries (regardless of their personal agendas).

Masonry Unmasked

Personally, I come from a line of free masons and I am an atheist.  However, I recognize that religion must be allowed to flourish and that people must have rights (within reason and not contradictory to sustainability of human life).

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