Saturday, September 29, 2012

Traditionalism and chivalry = the other feminism

Listen to this moaning idiot criticize feminists and women that gain from men's position and self-sacrifice that created the very civilization and safe spaces for them while denigrating the men that also enable him, other men, boys, women (good or bad) and the rest of humankind to live in more free societies with some respect of freedom (if not relatively waning compared to the not so distant past) for him to utter his nonsense in relative safety of physical harm.  Just like a feminist.

Perhaps he would pose that men shouldn't do these types of things and everyone would be forced into servitude under Hitler's regime or a Feudal Japanese Emperor's tyrannical rule.

He is nothing more that a male feminist.

His points concerning the gay rights political movements/groups are also incorrect.  If homosexual/lesbian theory is more or less feminist theory (most of whom with mental problems and/or father issues) and feminism is the platform that Feminists use to direct their attacks against heterosexuality and/or the so called 'nuclear family'...... it's pretty obvious what the core offender is.

The way in which he depicts women as 'women offer nothing to the relationship' is not accurate of most decent women at all.  Modern women, perhaps but this development is a very recent one and we all already know the main reason why this is....and the collection of theories and where those theories derive from and who has influenced them.

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