Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New DNA Evidence Demolishes Feminist Claims About Rape (Youtube)

Another good video by Mr1001Nights: DNA tests eliminated between 8 and 15% of convicted offenders and supported exoneration. 46% were indeterminate Only 6% of rape accusations lead to conviction


  1. regardless of any of this information, I think you will find that these dropped cases are due to the women not wanting to extend their suffering and have it dragged out over days in front of a bunch of other people in court (who would!?). This is another reason why rape has such poor conviction rates. There is also the fact that they may be involved with the perpetrator in some way. i.e friendship or relationship and may not want to destroy someones life that is close to them, even if badly wronged by that person. Not to mention the vast numbers of unreported cases.

    1. These are the same arguments used by Feminists and Women's groups for many years.

      I'll accept your argument if you can provide any links that have any reliable/verifable resources or statistics supporting those claims previsouly mentioned. If not, then I suspect that those claims are nothing more than Feminist/pro women's groups propagandi.