Thursday, June 7, 2012

'Dear Men: Your "Compliments..." ' (Youtube)

This woman suffered severe depression, body dismorphia, was overweight as a teenager and was teased for it.  Now she works out at a gym in her late twenties and has something to say to men that make 'compliments' to her (she thinks that men howling or making cat-calls toward her are men making compliments).

Now she can use the handful of men that do this to her as a 'reason' for her to unleash any sort of insult to all men, of all races, of all backgrounds, of all classes, of all countries because well, she's justified, she's angry and most importantly, she has a vagina.

....and if you disagree, then you must be a woman hater.

oh, don't forget that if you see her walking somewhere and say 'what's up?' then you should go choke on a bag of 'dicks' "because that's what you are, a dick."

What a wonderful person she must be.

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