Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Irritated Jenny: Feminism, Lesbianism & The making of a Black Widow Pt.1 (Youtube)

I'm not a history buff and I have very little interest in American history but I found this on youtube that was published under the Feminism tag.

After listening for a while, I will caution that this is afro centric and contains racial slurs as well as a focus on slavery in the beginning of the first video.

What these people really mean when they say 'White' is really 'Jewish' since Feminism is a "Elitist" Jewish Social Engineering program.  This means that a small segment of this group of  people have elevated this and pushed into the world view.

It is now infecting all societies and I believe the negros were the test run.

Edit: There is a lot of anti-white rhetoric embedded in these videos, its right up there with the White Nationalist nonsense.

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