Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Male Rape (Youtube)

Male Rape  -  A discussion that is needed to be had everywhere, in all of the corners of the planet.

In America, look at the definition of rape on the FBI's website shown below:  http://www2.fbi.gov/ucr/cius2009/offenses/violent_crime/forcible_rape.html

Filipino man raped in the Middle East (reenactment)

Based on the websites that have this sort of information based on the male gender, it is said that most of the perpetrators are people that know the victim, though sometimes strangers will also be the perpetrator.

Also, reading through certain materials on these websites also make me realize how insidious these people are.  What they do is to generally gain your trust (usually by befriending you) then create a benign relationship where they can then get your guard down.

Ofcourse it is not Politically correct to say it, but I will since I don't really give a damn about it.  Most people that rape are serial rapists and most men are raped by other men.  For some reason, these websites state that men are raped by 'homosexual men' and 'heterosexual men' and that sex preference isn't a factor.  This must be false given the evidence to the contrary.  If most men are raped by other men and most rapists are serial rapists (meaning the continue to rape, time and time again) then one must conclude that there is a sexual preference attributed to the rapists targets.

There isn't much chance that I would believe that certain groups of 'heterosexual men' are raping other men.  That is pure propaganda and should have no place in something as serious as this. You won't ever see this covered logically because the truth will bare itself and there are people that are pushing agendas on everyone but have to cover up statistics with 'white lies' and political correctness in order to evade proper criticism.

The fact of the matter is that what this is saying is that homosexuals prey on straight men sexually and pretty much exclusively.  And 2.7 million raped/sexually assualted men is not a small number.

In order for things to come full circle, alot of special interest groups are going to have to explain alot of their lies away to their respectful public citizenry and hope there isn't a backlash for lieing about these issues.  After that, maybe everyone can come together and real healing can hopefully begin.  However, I don't ever see it happening the way things are going now.

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