Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Fosters: Extended Preview! - ABC Family (June 3rd) [America]

More pro-homosexual propaganda with a dash of man bashing (again) from the United States.  A teen that comes from an abusive environment as well as an abusive father (shock and awe, anyone?) is put into the legal child welfare system after her abusive father is killed.
After an undisclosed amount of time in that system a most loving and welcoming Lesbian couple (remember, they are oh so welcoming and loving of her) accepts her into their very much diverse family. Of course, some of us know the real statistics of couples like this (and the statistics of extremely abusive fathers versus mothers) so what is actually being shown is more or less a fictional piece of propaganda produced by American celebrity Jennifer Lopez.
This is the radical feminist (utopia?) version of the "Modern Family" television show.  The teenaged girl puts on a tough front due to her environment, comes from a family with an abusive father, and one of her loving Lesbian 'mothers' is a Peace Officer.  All wins for the radical lesbian feminist agenda.
Of course let's not forget that the only good men it seems to feature are hypersensitive, metro/homosexual looking males and I don't think we'll actually see any 'typical' men that living and breathing men could actually relate to in this sort of fictional work that aren't just props. I would be surprised if it did.

Now remember to watch it and love it slaves, for if you don't then you are a bigot. Disagreement is not allowed in the insular agenda at work.

Note: This isn't to say that Lesbian couples are not happy couples they can be just like any other couples but this is not why I wrote this post.  I wrote this post because a pattern of (worldwide) propaganda seems to be emerging and coming from Western countries and sometimes honest information and open debate seems to be lacking (most likely by design).

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