Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Feminist Frequency Failure aka why Avoiceformen & Barbarossaaaa are wrong

I'm sure most people know that the gay rights groups are in bed (possibly literally) with most if not all Feminist groups/Women's groups in the Western world.  However, you will find that some MRA groups like and some MGTOW folks also expect heterosexual men to support their groups while they let homosexual men on their sites, write homo-erotic sensual articles about heterosexual men, husbands and fathers while they are out with their children and families in their daily lives and if you don't agree with it, you're a heretic.  Sound familiar *cough* Atheism A+ *cough*?

I do hope that they realize that they are tyrants just as much as the Feminists that they are supposed to dislike so much but I'm beginning to find that they are probably one in the same sort of monster.

In other words, they are just as much as heterophobes as their sister-at-arms Sarkeesian.  It isn't enough that homosexuals have gay rights movements they also feel the need to co-opt heterosexual spaces to insert their unpopular agendas to pander to possible would be heterosexual pro-gay supporters.

And while we have the Feminists spread their antiman rhetoric, we have the MRAs spread their homo-erotic messages on a website 'that champions men and boys.'  After its all said and done I'm sure the NAMBLA folks will single-handedly bring them down due to lawsuits after men bring their kids to the avoiceformen website and start getting harassed by filth that will be attracted to the type of messages being posted on that site.

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