Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What's Wrong with 'The Gay Rights Movement' (Youtube) A Lesbian Feminist feminizes teh gheyness

A Lesbian Feminist feminizes gay culture and invokes her demands upon it.......and I thought they were just after hetero culture.  Feminist demands seems to have no bounds.

Let's keep pretending there aren't any entitlement issues here and also pretend that Feminism and gay right movements have a right to influence every other group, subgroup, religious, legal and social institution simply because they are gay.

At what point do demands that are not based on equal rights become law or influence others that they don't have any right to?  Many there should be hetero groups that start making demands on homo groups to be more open minded to heterosexual stuff.  Sue homo dating sites that don't allow equal opportunities for hetero relationships and the like.

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